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Normally, your adventuring crew is out to go slay the vicious beasts that are rampaging across the land. However, in Monster Care Squad, you're instead out to go heal them from the poison that's infec
This must be a Thursday. Never could get a handle on Thursdays. Actually, it's not so bad. It's just been a rather busy week. That's fine, of course, because it means the week's been going by quickly.
Ascension is my favorite deck-builder game that's out there. I've got damn-near every card for it in a whole bunch of card boxes right over there *points over to my gaming shelf*. How could this game
Yarr arr yarr. I loddie the hotpants!It's time to get into some swashbuckling action and head into the high seas for adventure. AEG has launched their Kickstarter campaign for Dead Reckoning, their 4X
Have you ever started on a figure, got a couple base colors in, maybe start thinking of some detail work... and you just scrap it and start over? Into the Simple Green it goes and you give it another
Alright. We've made it halfway through the week. We can make it through the other half, right? Right! I knew you had it in you. As for me, I'm feeling a little peckish. So, before we put our helmet on
Sure, here in the northern hemisphere it's summer. But our friends down south are in the middle of winter. Considering how warm it is outside and my preference for more chilly temperatures, I'm a bit
I love watching all sorts of cooking competition shows. Nailed It!, Crazy Delicious, Cutthroat Kitchen, and others. It's a habit of mine. Well, soon, I'll be able to bring that energy to my tabletop i
Two noble families have been hostile towards one another for quite a long time. But now it's come to a head and the two are getting their siege weapons put into place. The boulders will fly and in the
How would you like your D&D group to run across King Arthur? What if they allied up with Thor? Maybe they'll fight against Dracula. As the DM, do you have to make up those stats just off the top o
Many gamer adults are out there looking for games perfect to bring their little ones into the gaming world. Well, Fairies of the Mistglade might be just the one they're looking for. It's multi-tiered,
The BYTE RPG is a game system designed to work with a wide range of settings. The new D8-based game book comes with 10 different technology levels and 20 themes that you can mix and match at your desi
Night is my favorite time. I just prefer the dark and calm/quiet as opposed to the hustle and bustle of the daytime. Of course, I do admit that it can be a bit more dangerous at night. You don't alway
Sure, the Lion is the king of the jungle... for now. But the Selection Committee is looking to crown a new monarch. All the animals are trying to get on the Committee's good graces so that they're the
You know I'm a fan of games with odd premises. And this is one of the more odd ones I've seen in a while. Houston, We Have a Dolphin is a social deduction game where players are trying to figure out w
The folks behind Judge Dredd have a new RPG project up on Kickstarter. It's Adventure Presents, a new RPG magazine. The first issue of which will have the Tartarus Gate game inside of it. Head out int
A new post-apocalyptic fantasy setting for D&D is up on Kickstarter now. It's called Veil of Ruin and it's more than just a book. They've got an adventure as well as miniatures all prepped and rea
Just about all of us, at some point, have seen a die sitting on the table and just flicked it to see what would happen. If you're good about getting the die to go where you want it, then you've probab
Look, we all know that Australia was separated from the rest of the continents in order to house all the dangerous animals, plants, and terrain that occupy that island. And yet, people live there anyw
I mean, sure, you can have an entire party of humans and elves and you can fight against nothing but other humans and elves if you want for your game. I like to switch things up a bit more. And that's
Halfway through the week already. Mine, at least, feels like it's going quickly. Moreso when I remember that I have Friday off. It's a holiday weekend here in the States, after all. A time to celebrat
New expansion sets are coming for the Sorcerer card game that not only give players new characters and lineages to try out, but also a new way to play. Endbringer will give a new solo and cooperative
For the Egyptian pharoahs, much of their life was spent preparing for their death. They needed to build a grand tomb. They needed to get together sacred objects to go into said tomb. They needed to ma
Witnesses can be the turning point in a trial looking to put away a dangerous criminal. However, in the world of Mantis Falls, those witnesses might not be safe. Nobody is quite sure who to trust. Wil
In these times of social isolation, you might be the only one around when it comes time to game. Thankfully, there are some solo RPGs out there. And a new one is coming soon. It's called Wanderer and