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Lovers of the forest and all things natural, Druids draw on the power of such places to fuel their powers. And soon, they'll have even more resources at their fingertips as Homebrewed Games will be la
Masks can make you spooky and mysterious, hiding your identity or just fun to show off. But many cultures felt that masks could bring you great powers. Masks of Power takes that idea and brings it to
Seems like a good story to close out the week with. If you're planning on getting together with friends, I'm guessing games will probably on the table. Drinks also might be on the table. Put them toge
The French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars were quite a tumultuous time in France in particular and Europe in general. That sort of goes without saying, really, but it's into this crazy time that y
Radioactive waste. Nuclear bomb fallout. Add radiation to something that breeds quick, like rabbits, and you can end up with crazed, Geiger-counter-destroying monstrosities running around trying to co
Getting out of an addiction isn't easy. Many people need outside help to do it. There's various programs for it. Pink Cloud looks to be an RPG that also helps you along your journey. The 12-Step story
He-Man is one of the first toy sets that I really remember getting a lot of. I even had Castle Greyskull because I was a badass in grade school. Anyway, I can be a badass in my middle age as well if I
You don't have to be the party's bard to have your sexuality be part of your character's personality. And Adventuring with Pride: Queer We Go Again looks to help. If you're looking to shake up your D&
There's a lot of strange creatures out there. And while most are just going about their regular lives, some are being more destructive and have to be dealt with. That's where Heliana's Guide To Monste
Halfway over. The week is halfway over. And I still have a leak next to my water heater because maintenance at my place apparently doesn't exist anymore. Guh... well... as I contemplate going back up
Golf has been described as, "a good walk, ruined." Well, I can't think of something that'd ruin it more than a murder. But that's what's happened. And it's up to you to figure out what happened. That'
You know, September is still a little bit away, but it's not nearly as far as I originally thought when I got this notice. Dutch publisher will running a Kickstarter then for Eastern Empires, their hi
There's a quartet of new expansions that are in the works for Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid from Renegade Game Studios. These four new sets will be making their way to Kickstarter in just a week's
The elven kingdoms are at war. How will your players deal with these ancient armies clashing? That's what you'll find out in Calidar: Alfdain Ascendant, a new campaign guide for fantasy RPGs that's up
The cultures of Asia have many myths and traditions about various monsters and other creatures. If you're looking to bring some of them to your RPG table, you'll want to check out Asian Monsters, a ne
What's the best way to build a city? Should you have it in a circle like a wheel or as a grid? Well, in Squaring Circleville, you have to help go from the former to the latter. It's not as straight-fo
In the 90s, there were a lot of toy fads and trends coming and going all the time. The problem with those is that what's hot one week can be passe and done the next, leaving warehouses full of stuff n
Want to play a game that has modern rules sensibilities but still retains that classic, old-school RPG feel? Then you'll want to check out Mazes. The game is specifically designed with those parameter
Japanime Games is looking to bring you not one, not two, but three more Domina games to you tabletops and they've headed to Kickstarter to get it done. They have their Domina Anthology 2 campaign goin
If you have played the Green Hell videogame (or even if you haven't), you may be interested in the Green Hell board game that's coming to Kickstarter soon. But what about the rules of the game? How do
There's been a murder most foul and it's up to you to solve it. That's where you find yourself in Murder & Co, a new subscription box mystery game that's up on Kickstarter now.
If you're in the market for a new gaming system that can handle just about anything (even going diceless, if that's your kind of thing), you'll want to check out the Advanced Story Points System. It's
8 of Japan's greated Daimyo are eyeing the spot of Shogun. Each wants it for themselves, but they all know that the other 7 also have ambitions of power. Who will be the one to be seated there in the
All is not well in the 17th century. Humanity is under siege by evil forces. It's not an easy life as battle may initiate at any point as the monsters infiltrate human society. But survive you must in