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Have trouble remembering things? Want to get better at it? Also like playing dice games with cool animals? Then Animercials is the dice game for you. It's all about memorizing things in a way that'll
Many of my friends have kids right around the age where they're starting to get them into tabletop gaming as a hobby. If you're about there as well and are looking for a nice, light, family-friendly R
Board Game Playmat [3'x5'] Cushioned / Water Resistant
Thursday. We're making our way to the weekend, for sure. Yesterday, I was like, "wait, is it Thursday yet?" But today... today feels like a Thursday... whatever that means, I suppose. Being seeing as
CMON has launched their Kickstarter campaign for their next game. This one takes you to the desert world of Arrakis, where you walk without rhythm or Sting in a Speedo will get you. It's Dune: War for
Small-town America. It seems an idyllic location. Everyone pretty much knows one-another. It's quaint. But underneath, a terrible horror is brewing. That's where you find yourself in Heartless, a horr
The greater galaxy has grabbed all it could from Thyrria, mining it for all its resources and leaving it a bare chunk of rock. Now, it's up to you to survive on said bare chunk of rock. That's what yo
The Emperor has been assassinated. That's a pretty heinous crime. And, unfortunately, after a rowdy night, you have been accused. You must prove your innocence. But how? That's up to you to figure out
The Darkness is spreading all across the land. And no, I don't mean people everywhere are singing I Believe in a Thing Called Love. That'd be good. This is a bad kind of Darkness. And it's up to the S
I didn't even read anything into the game yet and I'm interested. Why? There's a bunny archer, a bear warrior, and a triceratops riding a tyrannosaurus. I'm pretty much already sold, but I guess we ca
Fridaaaaaaaay! Woo! I like having Mondays off because it means that the weekend is already that much closer at the start of the week. And now, here we are. The weekend just ahead. Simply gotta finish
Kobold Press is bringing you the thing you want for your RPGs: More Options! New races. New spells. New monsters. New locations. It's all there, for players and DMs alike, in Wastes of Chaos, a new RP
The folks over at Alchemy RPG have launched a Kickstarter campaign for their next book in the Lore of Aetherra saga. It's called Dark Symmetry and it's all about the underwater city of Chrysalea. But
If you're looking to add some villainy to your games of Blood & Justice, then Nocturne by Night is just the supplement for you. It's got dozens of new baddies, ready to be the boss of a one-shot o
Patchwerk Games has been working on Re:Emergence and they're ready for you to try it out. It's their new sci-fi RPG that includes real-time events so that have players looking to complete actions in a
Slimes. Oozes. Jellies. There's a lot of names for the gooey, generally-slow, goopy monsters in fantasy settings. If you're looking to throw some more at your party, you'll want to check out A Selecti
There's a lot of concern over what true AI will do to the world. In the world of Atlas Lost, it wasn't so hot as it caused a war that collapsed society. Now, it's time to rebuild. That's where you fin
I mean... if I could, I'd have a domesticated fox if I could. In Russia, scientists were running an experiment to see if they could domesticate the flooftails. And that's what you'll do in The Fox Exp
It's back. Or, at least, it will be soon. Steamforged Games has launched their Kickstarter campaign for Rivet Wars Reloaded. Grab your vehicles and your plugs and advance towards your enemies. It's a
Looking for a new, darker setting for your RPG sessions? Then you'll want to check out Darkness Reigns: The Chronicles of Shadaryn. It's a new setting book with a much darker tone than your glowing, i
Expeditionary Company is apparently a little bit of everything. It's part solo RPG. It's part adventure book (though, there's 3 books and a total of over 3000 sections). It's part resource management
Fantasy. Sci-fi. Tech. Magic. Monsters of all types. It's what you get in Amethyst. There's a ton out of the game already and they're adding more. Already got it all? You can get just the new volume.
Looking for something a bit more demonic for your games of Mork Borg? Then check out Demon Dog, it's a new alternate-medieval history game all about people pulled out of Purgatory for various reasons.
Look, even if you like clowns, you gotta admit that it's really easy to make them all creepy. If you're looking to add some killer clown action to your RPGs, even including a new background for your c
There's thousands of different monsters from the various Asian cultures. That seems like a great place to find things to throw at your players in Pathfinder and D&D. And so, that's what Legendary
Woo! The weekend is just about here! Actually, it's already here for a whole bunch of my friends who are downtown for DragonCon right now. They posted so many, "Woo! Weekend!" things yesterday that I