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Crystal Clans

Usually in Crystal Clans, your deck is what it is. You buy it, you play it. But just recently, they came out with rules for building your own deck. Want to mix clans? Create new power couples? Try dif
If you're out there looking for crystals of power, having a good working knowledge of rocks and gems can bring you a distinct advantage. That's why the Gem Clan in Crystal Clans feels they are the one
Yarr arr yarr! I loddie the hotpants! The Moon Clan is the focus again for a Crystal Clans preview (as opposed to the Moon Moon clan, which just involved strange doggos). We get a look at some more o
When it comes to acquiring and knowing about crystals, you'd think that someone that's in the Gem Clan would have a bit of an advantage. They know about shiny rocks and they're going to make sure that
Yarr arr yarr! I loddie the hotpants! The Moon Clan is on preview for Crystal Clans today. They're a bunch of salty dogs, they are. Pirates of the highest order. Let's be takin' a look at what they h
The various clans are looking to collect powerful crystals, each with their own unique style of going about battling for them. Plaid Hat Games has announced another two that are stepping into the aren
Plaid Hat Games is bringing some new clans to Crystal Clans. They're the Fire and the Light clans. You might think they'd go hand-in-hand, but that's not entirely the case. In this preview, we get a l
It's starting to get cooler outside. I've had friends tell me they've already gotten snow where they live. So a nice, crackling fire sounds pretty good. And that's just what the Fire Clan has in spade
New clans are coming soon for Crystal Clans. We recently saw the Fire Clan. This is the Light Clan. You might think that fire gives off light, but trust me, these are two rather different groups. Chec
It's starting to cool off outside. And I know a lot of people are thinking of starting up bonfires and celebrating. The Fire Clan takes the idea of celebrating around a campfire to the extreme. They'r
A whole new pack of Clans is about to hit for Crystal Clans from Plaid Hat Games. And they want to make sure you know what you'll be getting into. In case you're diving into the raked-up pile of leave
Birds of a feather flock together.It means that like-minded people will tend to congregate. It also means you shouldn't mess with birds, because then you've got a whole world of hurt coming down on yo
Be my druidess.Be my everything.Considering the rest of the lyrics of that song, I should probably stop there.I'm not sure how much Type O Negative they listen to in the world of Crystal Clans, but I
What's that in the sky?Is it a bird!?... Yes, yes it is a bird. However, that bird's got sharp talons, leather armor, and a huge spear and is coming right for us!In this preview of Crystal Clans, we g
There are plenty of people out there that are afraid of the dark. There's generally nothing to worry about it. That bump was nothing. That creek was also nothing. That blood-curdling scream and disemb
Plaid Hat Games has a lot to show off for Crystal Clans. They've got an in-depth look at the Puppy Clan... I mean Doggo Clan... I mean Puppers Clan... I mean Fang Clan. They're also happy to announce
I... I'm attacking the darkness!In this case, that's not such a silly saying, as Plaid Hat Games is looking to expand your options in Crystal Clans with the Shadow (The Shadow! The Shadow!) Clan. But
Well, I mean, just shy of a bear clan, I would want to be part of the puppy clan in Crystal Clans. Though I'm not entirely sure the Fang Clan appreciates being called the puppy clan... maybe they'd be
The ancient crystals bestow great power to the one that can find, capture, and control them. Such a prize has many groups hunting after it. In the case of Crystal Clans, four new factions, the Shadow,
Crystal Clans is Plaid Hat Games' upcoming strategic card game. It will put players in control of their own forces as they look to battle against their opponents, with the goal to be controlling the p
Plait Hat Games has announced a new game they've been working on. In Crystal Clans, players are looking to control the four powerful crystals that will let them take over the world. They'll do this by