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She blinded me with SCIENCE! ... and that ray-gun she's got. The Mazon Labs are headed to battlefields in Deadzone and you can requisition yours and get your research going as soon as possible by pre-
Looking to add some more Marauders to your Deadzone army? Got some figures and need some stats? Mantic's here to help by posting them up on their website for you.
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Mantic's loaded up their Mantic Direct service with a whole bunch of new releases for Deadzone and Firefight. Head on over and see what's now available. Quite a lot of factions got stuff, so there's a
Mantic Games is going to be launching a global event for Deadzone in just a couple days. It's called Magnetar and if you're interested in joining and getting some more info about it all, you'll want t
Mantic's got some new pre-orders for you. If you're looking to get some greenskins for Deadzone or Firefight, you can head over and put your name down on the list to get some new Marauders as soon as
Mantic's got some new pre-releases available for you over in their webshop. If you're looking to expand your Salamanders army in Kings of War or Plague army in Deadzone, you're in luck. Head on over a
The new edition of Deadzone is coming ever closer. And with that, new kits are coming as well. In this instance, it's new Plague sets. Head over and check out what's in all of them, plus get your name
The new edition of Firefight brings more with it than just an updated set of rules. The line of minis is changing over to plastic as well. We get a look at the Marauders sprues with this preview.
Mantic is going through all their various product lines, giving us a look at what is coming for them in this new year. This time around, it's Deadzone. And you thought seasonal flu was bad. It has not
The dwarves are getting some reinforcements this week in Deadzone. They're the Forge Father Articifers and Mantic's posted up a preview article with some background, some info about how they play, and
Every army is changing as Deadzone 3rd Edition makes its way to your tabletops. To give you a heads-up on how everyone's being updated, Mantic is going faction-by-faction. This time around, it's the E
Deadzone's 3rd edition is right around the corner. With the changes, Mantic is going faction-by-faction, looking at how they're changing. In this preview, we get a look at the Asterians.
The new edition of Deadzone is coming out soon. Before it hits tabletops, Mantic's looking through all the factions in the game and giving you some insight into how they're changing. This time around,
With the new edition of Deadzone coming soon, players are wondering how their armies will change in the latest version. To help, Mantic is launching a series of articles all about focusing on the diff
Sure, you can play just one-off games if you want, but the real place where Deadzone shines is in a campaign setting. How will that setting be changing as the new edition rolls out? We get a look at e
So, Deadzone is a miniatures skirmish game. You're gonna have your little mans trying to beat up your enemy's little mans. That will involve dealing damage. The damage system in the game is getting an
With the update to 3rd edition for Deadzone, Mantic is taking the opportunity to add some new figures to the various armies and their rosters. In this preview, we get a look at some of what's coming,
Keywords. They can really help speed up the pace of a game by giving a couple words to describe a bigger concept on a model's stat block. In Deadzone 3rd Edition, Mantic looked over at all the keyword
Line of Sight. It's a major part of miniatures games. What do you need to be able to see in order to attack an enemy model? It's never easy to decide how to make it work. Well, in Deadzone 3rd Edition
Just the other day, Mantic announced that there's a new edition of Deadzone, their sci-fi skirmish game coming. Also, that they would be rolling out a bunch of preview articles to let you know about t
The third edition of Deadzone is available to pre-order now. But what, exactly, will this new edition entail? Well, Mantic is giving us a starter look, along with a calendar of other previews they'll
Mantic is bringing you a new edition of their sci-fi skirmish game, Deadzone. Pre-orders are being taken now, which include a rulebook bundle, new starter set bundle, and more. Head over to the Mantic
Mantic is looking to bring out a new edition of Firefight and they want your help to make it the best game it can be. They've announced their open playtest for this 2nd edition. You can head over and
Mantic has some new minis coming out soon for Deadzone. Of course, players are loving the looks at the art and mini previews they're getting. But you know what I always want to see the most? The stats
August is nearly upon us. Can you believe it? This year's going by quick! August brings with it summer heat and Mantic's making sure that there's some hot, new miniatures ready to hit your tabletops a