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Demented Games

As Linkara has told us, there's no greater danger than that posed by the evil of Ancient Egypt! *Imperial March plays*
I wish I was faster than I am. I mean, not that I really need to run a lot during the day, but it's a nice thought. I also hate it when I'm trying to carry things and just don't have enough hands. In
The week continues on. We've made it halfway through. We might as well press on to the weekend. Turning back now would just be silly. But if we're going to make it, we should rest a bit and get some p
We've been seeing the models for quite some time now, but the time has finally come to get a game together for them. Demented Games has launched their Kickstarter campaign for Twisted, their new steam
We have made it halfway through the week. Just another couple days and we're back to the weekend. For those here in Atlanta, we're actually getting some sun. People are reacting as though they'd never
The fellows over at Demented Games have a couple new releases for Twisted, their steampunk skirmish game. They also have a free shipping offer running that you should know about if you plan on orderin
Demented Games now has the first miniatures from their Twisted line available online. The first two steam-powered creations are Ollyver (for the Dickensians) and Nouveau (for the Servants of the Engin
Demented Games has announced that they'll be releasing the minis for Twisted prior to the release of the game, itself. The miniatures will be starting to come out in February. They'll be in resin and