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DGS Games

DGS Games, makers of Freeblades, was looking to heading to Adepticon up in Chicago. I wish I could've gone. But, as nobody's going, they have decided to turn your frown upside down and they've launched their Adeptigone sales event over in their webshop. They've also got a quartet of new figures that you can pick up for your games now.

DGS Games has a new release for Freeblades over in their webshop. It's a new figure for the Urdaggar faction, one of their youngest recruits. While they're mostly-untested in battle, they're full of ambition and ready to prove their worth. They're the new Kaorl and you can pick up yours now.

DGS Games, makers of FreeBlades, has been working on an RPG rules set called BrightSword. They're not done yet, but they're far enough along that they want to give everyone a look at them. You can go and check out the free beta test version now. Give your feedback. Help grow the game. Get in on the ground floor. It's all possible now.

DGS is giving you a way to expand your Freeband in Freeblades with the release of their new Eclipse Battle Sister. With multiple head options as well as a veteran form you can recruit when building your force, she's a versitile warrior that can help make sure that you achieve victory.

If you're looking for some undead action for your Freeblades games, you might want to check out the Khandoran Deathmasters. They have a distinctly Egyptian vibe to them, what with their Anubis-headed guys and mummies. They are availabe now over in the DGS webshop, though they admit that they would prefer if you headed over to your LGS to pick them up.

DGS Games wants to bring a new faction to the world of Freeblades. They're hoping that there will be strong African themes within the faction in terms of looks and style. To create this faction, they have put out a call for people of African-American background in order to make sure things are done in a respectful and authentic way. No previous experience is necessary, so if you're looking to try your hand at making a new faction for a game, this might be your chance.

In this update about how things have been going, DGS Games gives us an update about what they had worked on in June, where they're at with releases for July (including an update about Kickstarter shipping), and looks ahead to August, including what they'll have at shows like Gen Con and ReaperCon.

The fine folks over at DGS Games are starting 2019 with a look to expand their Freeblades family. They are running a Kickstarter campaign to bring first one, and then hopefully another faction to the game. Starting out, there's the Shakrim Wavestalkers, a group of snake-people who follow the god Shakkamal. The others are the Kandoran Deathmasters, a true undead horror. The campaign is up and running now.

Right below Giant Robots on my "things I love" list would have to be dragons. It's another change for the "huge miniatures" that I love so much. DGS Games is looking to bring their first really big miniature to Freeblades in the form of Thrakansor, the Dragon of Fire. They're running a Kickstarter campaign now in order to get him off the ground.

There's just all sorts of conventions coming up in the next couple months. And DGS Games is ready for them. They'll be at Gen Con, and they'll also be at Reapercon. For both, they're going to have new figures. In this preview, we get a look at the Wandering Wizard, a Reapercon release.
DGS Games is consistent with their Freeblades Kickstarter campaigns. Each one has had a new faction. Each one has been successful. Each one has been better than the last. And each one has been delivered to backers on time. Well, they're looking to have a 7th, but they're also looking for your help. They've got two factions they're doing. One will be the primary in the upcoming Kickstarter, while the other is a secondary. But which is which? That's for you to decide.
A new mini will soon be making its way to the tables of Freeblades, and just about anyone can use it. The Varkraalan Truthseeker is a new ally that will be recruitable by just about anyone, but also a faction model for the Kuzaarik. As you can see from the headline, you'll be able to pick up this new figure in just under a month's time. Figure preview to come soon, I'm sure.
A new faction is making its way your tabletops in Freeblades. DGS Games has released the Eclipse Sisterhood. The company's been working on the set for a while, and now you can pick them up. This all-woman faction is not to be trifled with. They're highly-trained and dedicated warriors, looking to oust the oppressive Traazorite Empire from their lands.
In Freeblades, there's more than one way to outfit your characters. Depending on how you want to create your warband, you might want certain weapon loadouts on certain characters. Thankfully, the folks at DGS take this into consideration when they have a new release. For example, the new Trilian Bladerider's now available, and there's multiple ways you can outfit this swift addition to your team.
If you're worried about all the holiday sales being over, the folks over at DGS Games would like you to know that they've still got the holiday savings rolling. Want to pick up some Freeblades minis for cheaper than you'd usually spend? You're in luck. They're having a sale that runs until Tuesday.
DGS Games is working hard on Freeblades, their fantasy miniatures game. They've got quite a things they've been working on, including a new hire in the form of Matt Gooch. They're also going to be releasing the first of a new faction, the Mershael. You can soon pick up the new figure, the Takar Hunter/Takar Lookout. Check out all the cool things going on with this update.
DSG Games has a couple new releases available for Freeblades, their fantasy miniatures skirmish game. It includes a couple bard miniatures. I've always loved playing bards in games. I might pick up this set to use as PCs, even away from games of Freeblades.
The folks over at DGS Games are looking to expand their Freeblades range with a new set of figures, the Eclipse Sisterhood. The dangerous ladies are fighting for equality in the Traazorite Empire, where women cannot hold office, run a business, or serve in the military. Well, they're going to show that one doesn't need to be part of the official army in order to fight.
The week continues on. We've made it halfway through. We might as well press on to the weekend. Turning back now would just be silly. But if we're going to make it, we should rest a bit and get some provisions. Thankfully, there's a group of bite-size stories here just waiting for us.

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While the Traazorite Kickstarter campaign continues along (10 days remaining), that doesn't mean that DGS Games hasn't been getting ready for releases for Freeblades. They've added the Ar-grush to their webshop.
Have you ever had an idea for a mini for one of the games you play and really, really, really wished you could get it made? Well, the fine fellows over at DGS Games are letting you do just that for Freeblades as part of their Traazorite Kickstarter campaign. They've added in a new pledge level where you can make whatever figure you like (within reason, of course).
Hold tight, people. We're almost there. We've come too far to give up now... Though I'm not sure how you could give up on "time moving forward" and just decide to quit it (without talking about time dilation or other, less-than-savory topics. O,o). Anyway, it's Friday and that means we're at the gateway to the weekend. Best to gather supplies in the form of some bite-sized stories.

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Longtime readers of TGN know my love of dinosaurs. I think they can help enhance just about any game. I know several game series that I'd love to play if they were to reskin from some other creature to dinosaurs, or if a dinosaur faction were added to the game. Well, it's looking like the guys over at DGS Games are making a bid for me to go in whole-hog into Freeblades, as they've got a new faction for it up on Kickstarter. They're the Traazorite Crusaders, and they ride dinosaurs into battle.
When games have multiple releases, with new books and models coming out, every so often you can find yourself at a loss for trying to find where a specific rule for a specific model is. Plus, you might end up having to bring a whole bunch of books along, just to be able to check a couple sentences here and there. Well, DGS Games is making it so Freeblades players don't have to worry about that so much. Their new Rules Companion is now available.
Hello, beautiful readers, and welcome to another Sunday. Here at the bear cave, I'm doing a bit of cleaning and then I've got some Gen Con prep to work on. Yeah, the show is getting ever-closer. It'll be here before you know it. Just one more weekend after this before it's here. Will you be coming to the show? If so, lemme know. Maybe we can talk gaming (one of my favorite activities).

But that's for a couple weeks from now. At the moment, we've got some bite-sized stories to share.

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