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"That's O.P.!!" If you're a gamer, you've probably heard that yelled out before at the LGS or game club or convention. People like their games balanced, and if there's something overpowered, then it can ruin the fun. But what if -everything- is O.P.? Well, then you'd have O.P. Arena, a new party game coming from WizKids.

Can you lie with a straight face? Just be like, "Nope! What I have said is the God's-honest truth and I'll stand by that forever!" even if you just said the largest tall tale? If so, you'll be great at Bamboozled, a new bluffing party dice game that's available now.

As the latest expansion for Star Wars: Destiny starts to fill out your decks, Fantasy Flight has announced a new one on the horizon. It's called Covert Missions and it adds game-changing missions to the game. With cards like Construct the Death Star, players can have an alternate way to win the game.

Keep hope alive! Keep hope alive! That's what you can do with the new Spark of Hope set for Star Wars: Destiny. Of course, if you prefer, you can try and squish out that last bit of hope and rule the galaxy with an iron fist. You know, as some are wont to do. Either way, there's plenty of new cards and dice you can use to update your decks now.

Jedi and their Apprentices. They're the fulcrum around which much of the Star Wars saga rotates. The upcoming Spark of Hope set for Star Wars: Destiny brings more of those characters to your decks. So, you can pick up Yoda and add him. Or maybe pick up some Younglings (as opposed to Yuenglings). It's up to you.

While the Force-users often take center stage in the Star Wars saga, there are plenty of other notable leaders and troopers that the conflicts revolve around. In this preview of the upcoming Spark of Hope expansion for Star Wars: Destiny, we get a look at some of the cards and dice for a few of the leaders and troopers coming to the game.

Mythical swashbuckling hero Zorro is getting to old for this stuff. He's looking to retire. However, he's not going to leave the poor unprotected from harm. He's looking to find a replacement. But only one will be good enough to take up the mask. Will it be you? That's what you'll be looking to find out in The Zorro Dice Game, coming soon to Kickstarter from Overworld Games.

Gaming Completionists. You know the type. If a game comes out, they want everything for it. All the expansions. All the promos. If you're that way for Quarriors!, then you're in luck. WizKids has released Quarriors! Qualtimate Quedition, which includes the base game, four expansions, and even promo dice, all in one box.

Each Star Wars: Destiny set covers quite a few different time periods in the overall Star Wars saga. And while the feature image for this Spark of Hope preview might be showing the most recent in the timeline, the cards and dice we have head back to the Prequel era.

Japanime Games and Dyskami Publishing are joining forces to bring you some more games based on the fan-favorite anime, Sailor Moon Crystal. The two are partnering up on a distribution deal, with new games making their way to you the rest of this year and into 2020.

It's New Release Day for Fantasy Flight, and they've got a new expansion available for Star Wars: Destiny as well as a couple vehicle expansion packs available for Star Wars: Legion. There's also some packs for their LCGs, if you're into that kind of thing as well.

A new set of cards for Star Wars: Destiny has been announced. It's called Spark of Hope, and while I'm sure people will be excited about many of the new cards and dice that will be coming, all I can see is that there's Grand Admiral Thrawn. And, like so many, I'm a huge Thrawn fanboy. So that's really what I'm singly focused and excited about.

Bubble Tea is a fad that's swept across the nation. There's thousands of shops all over and people are trying new combinations all the time. In Bubble Tea, a new game coming from Renegade Game Studios, you've opened up your own Bubble Tea shop and are working hard to create drinks your customers will love. Renegade's taking pre-orders for this new game now.

A pair of new starter decks area available for Star Wars: Destiny. They head back to the Prequel era of the Star Wars Saga, as players can either pick up the mantle of General Kenobi or General Grievious. Me? I'd go for the coughing robot, but that's just my take on the situation.

When you buy online, you can usually get your thing for a little cheaper than usual, and possibly a little earlier. But paying for shipping is never fun. But for those that pre-order Noctiluca from Z-Man Games, you can get free shipping from them. Woo!

Many of you know well about Set Rotation in games. Old sets move out of the tourney scene, making room for new ones. Star Wars: Destiny is about to go through rotation, and it'll be a first for many gamers. Fantasy Flight takes a look at what is headed out, and what might be poised to take over in the upcoming meta.

We seem to be in another one of those cycles where WizKids announces a new game every other day or so. This time around, it's Merlin's Beast Hunt. It's a dice-allocation game where players are trying to corral magical beasts by planting fast-growing magical hedges all around them. The player with the most spectacular menagerie at the end is the winner.

In war, you're going to have soldiers and those that lead them. That's just sort of how that thing works. And the Star Wars saga is filled with wars (it's right there in the title. You were expecting My Dinner With Andre?). In the upcoming Star Wars: Destiny set, Convergence, players will have new soldiers and commanders they can modify their decks with. Let's take a look at some of them.

While the lanerns on the ground are really pretty, it's also the fireworks up in the air that really sets the festival aglow in light. In Lanterns Dice: Lights in the Sky, players are looking to make the spectacle even greater. Create the best combination of both earthly and heavenly lights to earn the favor of the Emperor. Renegade Game Studios is taking pre-orders now.

The Force is a major player in the events in the Star Wars universe. In the upcoming Convergence set for Star Wars: Destiny, there's quite a lot of cards that revolve around it, be they heroic Jedi or evil Sith. We get a look at some of those characters, powers, upgrades, and other such in this preview.

You know me. I love dice. So dice games are up on my list of ones I enjoy. Renegade Game Studios is coming out with a new dice game called Hex Roller. Players roll their dice, then choose from the common pool of dice to see if they can connect lines on a hex grid.

Many games have mechanics where you can put upgrades on stuff in your forces. Attachments or somesuch that makes your piece better. In the upcoming set for Star Wars: Destiny, Fantasy Flight is headed in the other direction. It will include Downgrades that you can play on your opponent's cards in order to hamper them. In this preview, we get a look at some of them that'll be coming in the set.

With card games, one of the ways you can play is by simply opening up some packs and building with whatever you might find inside. This drafting format makes players think differently about their decks, basically having to work with what they're given in a short amount of time. Fantasy Flight is creating a new draft pack for their Star Wars: Destiny game, and they're showing off what you can find inside.

WizKids is just on a roll with their new game announcements lately. That was not intended as a pun, but considering that their latest announcement is for Quarriors! Qualtimate Quedition (reminds me of how they name Rick & Morty episodes), I can see how that could be taken that way. Roll? Dice? Get it? Anyway, you can expect this new version to hit game store shelves soon.

Renegade Game Studios is making a game for those that really love their fluff for their games. Proving Grounds is more than just a dice game, it also includes a novella that tells the story of the game in full form. Then, after hearing of the daring deeds of Maia Strongheart, recreate her heroic ascent to the Sun Throne for yourself.


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