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Detroit. Motor City. The home of the automotive industry in the US. They've cranked out hundreds of iconic cars over the years. And soon, you can add your own designs to the mix. In Motor City, player
The Dark Phoenix Saga is one of the most beloved in comics. You can tell because pretty much every superhero product that can will use it at some point. And now, it's Dice Masters' turn. The new The D
It's been a while since I remember hearing about Dice Masters stuff. But it's still out there and soon, more will be coming to your tabletops. WizKids has started taking pre-orders for the new The Dar
Type O Negative sang that "Everyone I love is dead." Well, in Last One Alive, it's not just friends and loved ones, but pretty much everyone. And if you want to keep staying alive, you'll want to roll
Your monsters are hungry. They're feeding on random pedestrians that are just walking along the streets. That's all well and good, but the police are starting to notice. Keep your monsters fed while a
Unbreakable is the new, stand-alone expansion for Too Many Bones. There's now a new lava mat you can play on, new Gearlocs, new enemies, and plenty more to find out about. Head over to Gamefound and p
There's a lot of opportunity for young criminals in the various organizations of the cyberpunk city. It's not glamorous work, but with dedication, they can rise through the ranks and become boss. That
Poketto is back at it again. You've possibly gotten one or more of their games that fit in a tin the size of a container for mints. They've got another they're looking to fund on Kickstarter called Mi
There's nearly infinite reasons to miss out on Kickstarter. But they're often not done and gone when they end. For example, Mantic is giving you another opportunity to get all the new expansions they
Pinball games all work on the same basic principle: hit the little ball around into things and keep it from falling. That means it can be infinitely reskinned with new tabletops to create new experien
An elite squad of troopers. A dense, tropical jungle. Nearly impossible odds. A rescue may still be possible. That's what you're facing in Get To Da Choppa!, a new solo dice game that's up on Kickstar
Daring do and friends where he needs them. That's what keeps Zorro one step ahead of the law. And that's where you're going to be as well in the new Stunts and Allies expansion, coming for The Zorro D
"A game within a game," Orlog was enjoyed by those playing Assassin's Creed Valhalla. But now, it can be enjoyed by everyone as an actual version of the game is being made for your tabletops by PureAr
The Himalayas. Ceiling of the world. The highest set of mountains on the planet hold many secrets for those willing to brave its treacherous terrain. And that's where you're headed in Trek 12, a new r
Are you hungry when you get up in the morning? Cthulhu certainly is, especially when he's been sleeping for so long. Now, it's up to the cultists to get him something to eat. That's where you come in
The main armament of many submarines, torpedoes are deadly beneath the waves. Avoiding them and making sure you can fire back at your opponents is paramount. That's what you'll be doing in Torpedo Dic
Sure, you could have your little board, roll your dice, and write something down. But how about you have your little board, you roll your dice, and then you duke it out? That's what's happening in Ven
Hellboy is getting into more trouble as he looks to save the world from all manner of occult and mythical forces. Mantic has launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring you some new expansions for Hellbo
Mantic will soon be launching a Kickstarter campaign for new expansions for Hellboy: The Board Game. But that's not the only game they're looking to fund with the project. They've announced that they'
Yes, well, brains will explode and pieces of the head are gonna get all over the place. Ok, maybe not that, but heads will roll, for sure. Though, in this case, the heads are chunky, metal dice skulls
Grab your mint julep and giant hat and head on down to the race track. The horses are just getting into position. Time to just get one last bet in before the gates open. That's what you'll be doing in
Even within a cult, there can be power struggles, even as you struggle to raise your ancient god from the depths of the ocean. In the end, one will stand tall, even when the end comes. But who will th
You're a fresh dragon hatchling, ready to make your mark on the world. But first, you gotta find a place to call your own. And lo and behold, you find just a spot! Problem is, you're not the only hatc
Sure, I have Ursa Major and Ursa Minor as bear-related constellations in the sky, but I could do with a whole bunch more. And while I can't move the actual stars (yet...), I can live vicariously throu
Out in the streets, super-powered beings clash. They're heroes looking to save the city and villains looking to level it to rubble. Which side will you be on when you grab your dice in Kapow! a new bu