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Dinosaur Island

The Kickstarter campaign may be over, but there's still time to get all the dinosaur action you want. Pandasaurus has opened up their late pledge campaign for both Dinosaur Island and Dinosaur World.
It's two, two, two games in one Kickstarter! Pandasaurus is just all about the dinosaurs and they didn't want to run separate campaigns for these two, but combine them together. You can head on over a
It's very early on Saturday morning. Well, not as early as it was when I first got up (Now: 6am. Woke up: 3am). I'd love to know why, on weekdays, my brain is all, "man, I dun wanna get up!" while on
Hey kids. I see from my friends feed that quite a lot of you are headed to Chicago for Adepticon. I really wish I was going. I would be, but there's a bunch of proofing projects that are coming along,
Who wouldn't want a dinosaur of their very own? I know I'd want one, or a couple dozen. In Dinosaur Island, players don't just get one dinosaur, but a whole park worth. Just make sure your enclosures