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A new Direchasm warband is making its way to Warhammer Underworlds. And as you can tell from the featured image, it's got the power of the WAAAGH!!! behind it.
My old Marine faction of choice, the Dark Angels, are getting a new codex. The book is up for pre-order now on the Games Workshop website. But even if green isn't your favorite marine chapter color, t
A new Warhammer Underworlds kit is coming this weekend from Games Workshop. They're the Khaga's Ravagers and they add in a new mechanic to the game in the form of Desecration Tokens. How do they work?
So, you've got your Lord of the Rings figures on order. But what about this upcoming weekend? What will Games Workshop be bringing to the shop? Well, they've got a whole bunch of Dark Angels (one of m
As is their tradition, Games Workshop has a new batch of pre-orders up in their webshop. What's coming this week? You've got the new big-box expansion for Warhammer Underworlds called Direchasm. There
Well, there'll be Slaanesh forces in the upcoming Direchasm expansion for Warhammer Underworlds. But they won't be down there alone. Mayari's Purifiers will be looking to expel them from this plane of
Direchasm is the new big-box expansion for Warhammer Underworlds that's coming out for pre-order this weekend. But what figures are in the box? Well, we get a look at the Slaaneshi side of things in t
It's been decidedly 40k-heavy over in the GW pre-order shop lately. This week, things swing well over to the fantasy realm of things as a new Warhammer Underworlds core set comes out, along with an ab