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Doom: The Board Game

It's a beautiful Saturday here in Atlanta. The sun's shining. It's warm outside.... Sounds like a perfect time to go to the LGS and stay inside, playing games all day! :DAnd to those dealing with ice
I remember playing the original Doom video game at my neighbor's house. My friend had the game and we played all the time. You really could die pretty easily in it, and we very often did. That was goo
The holiday season is well and truly upon us. It's the last weekend before Christmas and all through the house, my D&D group had to cancel because everyone had last-minute stuff come up due to the hol
Aw Hell...Literally. The denizens of Hell have managed to break through into our dimension due to some careless scientists on Mars. If the security forces don't act fast and try and stop more portals
If you want to fight back the denizens of Hell and secure safety for not only Mars, but everyone in the entire universe, you're gonna need a plan. Granted, a group of generals back at base writing dow
The forces of Hell are pouring into our world via portals that were opened in a space station on Mars. A stalwart group of Space Marines are the only defense this dimension has to stem the tide. Will
On Mars, a portal to Hell has been opened. Through it pour horrible monstrosities looking to conquer this new dimension. Stalwart Space Marines are doing their best to hold back the tide, but it's not
One of the other big announcements from Fantasy Flight Games at Gen Con this past year was that they're coming out with a new Doom board game. In it, a squad of 1-4 space marines will be taking on hor
Man, I remember when the Doom video game came out. I didn't have it, but my neighbor did. So I'd go over there and we'd play for hours, running up and down those pixelated corridors (that still looked