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Dragon Forge Design

It's Sunday. Here in the States, it's Father's Day. If you are a father, hope you have a great Father's Day. If you're not a father, I still hope you have a great day, regardless. As for me, I'm sitti
We've got another set of those shorter news stories for you. It's time for another Snippets posts.In this installment, we've got: A new Sulphur scenario from Terragnosis, New Round-lip Shaleground Bas
Dragon Forge starts bringing you the first of their new 32mm bases for your new Space Marine armies with their Broken Wasteland set. And since 32mm isn't the only type of base you might need in Broken
Dragon Forge Design is running special deals all week over on their website. Go get yourself some minis for cheaper than usual.SourceFrom the announcement:This week at Dragon Forge Design I have my an
Dragon Forge Design has a batch of new releases available over on their website for your basing and terrain needs.SourceFrom the release:Today I released four new base sets in the Broken Ruins series.
Dragon Forge Design has less than a day on their Kickstarter campaign. They've made it through a bunch of stretch goals, so be sure to check those out.SourceFrom the campaign: Congratulations! Stretch
Dragon Forge Design has started making it through stretch goals for their Ancient Ruins II base series. They've got some extras and Kickstarter exclusives they've posted up, so check 'em out.SourceFro
Dragon Forge Design has launched their Kickstarter campaign for their Ancient Ruins II line of bases. They're already over their funding goal, so it's on to stretch goals for 12 days.25mm Ruins II40mm
Dragon Forge Design gives you more ways to put your models on a solid foundation over in their webshop.50 mm x 75 mm basic ruins set one100 mm x 150 mm Basic Ruins Base Set SourceFrom the post:Today I
Dragon Forge Design added new 55mm bevel-edge bases to their webshop.SourceFrom the release:For all of you looking for 55mm bases for Infinity, you can now find 14 of them in The Dragon Forge Store in
Dragon Forge Design has a new Knight Titan base available over in their webshop. This one's their Tech-Deck style. They've also got a Tech-Deck conversion kit available.168 mm x 106 mm Tech-Deck BaseT
Dragon Forge has some new bases available for all of your Knights you've been buying up.SourceFrom the announcement:I've now added the first four large oval bases sculpted in the new large oval base s
Dragon Forge Design has a new style of Aztec-inspired bases available over in their webshop.SourceFrom the release:I've added the first six sets of the new Aztex square base style base series to the D
Dragon Forge Design has several new base sets available because every mini deserves a good foundation.SourceFrom the release:Today Dragon Forge Design releases 4 new base sets to its lines.They are th
Dragon Forge Design is offering free shipping on orders from their webshop this week.SourceFrom the announcement:Black Friday Week Discounted Shipping Deals!During the week of November 25-Dec 2 , Ship
Dragon Forge Design is taking down name of those of you gamers out there that want their new line of Mechanika Round Lip Bases as soon as they're available.They're available in several different sizes
Dragon Forge Design is having a sale on their Aztex line of bases over in their webshop.From the website:In celebration of my 26th Birthday of May 26 and the release of the latest Aztex bases I create
Dragon Forge has released their new Az-Tech bases line.From the announcement:Dragon Forge Design announces the release of its newest base series called AZ-TECH.Sculpted by Dragon Forges Very own Jeff
Dragon Forge Designs has some previews up of the next set of bases that they're working on in their workshop.From the preview:22+ sets of Az-tec inspired goodness!
Dragon Forge gives you some more options to base your models as well as a new weapons platform, available over in their webshop.From the update:Added two new items to the web store, A set of 50mm x 75
Dragon Forge Designs is yet another of those having Black Friday sales.Happy Thanksgiving from Dragon Forge Design,It’s that time of the year I say thanks to you my loyal customers with my annual buy
Dragon Forge Design keeps your flying models suspended up in the air with these 3 new flight stand kits, available now.From the update:Today I added thee new Flight StandKits to the Dragon Forge Store
Dragon Forge Design wants to help your army be all it can be and is having a sale to make it more affordable.So are you looking to build a new army? Rebase and existing one and always wanted to use my
Dragon Forge Design gives you more ways to make your models look unique with their bases. Don't just leave blank bases for your models!From the release:I just added 5 new Desecrated Lands Sets in the
Dragon Forge has several new cargo container pieces for your terrain needs, available in 3 different sizes.From the release:Dragon Forge Design releases three new sets of Resin Cargo Containers.Cast i