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Ah, DreadBall, Mantic's sci-fi sports game where players look to score points by getting the ball past the opposition and into one of the three scoring hoops. We've not heard from it in a while, but i
This weekend, the American Football season comes to an end with the Super Bowl. It seems a pretty good time to celebrate sports in all its form, including using toy soldiers on your tabletop. And Mant
True story: DreadBall was the first game I ever backed on Kickstarter. However, as excited as I was for the game, it didn't last once I got it on my tabletop. While Mantic put out the best game they f
We're only 4 days away from the end of 2016. I know a lot of people are going to be very happy about that. Lots because 2016 wasn't the greatest. But, really, it's also because there's a lot to look f
So, it's coming up to 8pm. Day 2 is definitely in the books for Gen Con 2016. It's been a very busy day. I'm tired, but still pretty amped about everything that's gone on. And I'm sure you all would l
The original Kickstarter for DreadBall was one of the first crowdfunding campaigns I've been a part of (and I've only been a part of 4, total). It was a pretty exciting thing, with lots of stretch goa
And there's the starting gun. Mantic has launched their Kickstarter campaign for their 2nd edition of DreadBall (taking full part in the Year of New Editions). The game puts you in charge of your own
DreadBall is Mantic's sci-fi, high-impact, fantasy sports game. Pass, tackle, and shoot your way to the victory circle. As part of the Year of New Editions, they are coming out with a 2nd Edition of t
Seeing as 2016 is "The Year of the New Edition," we've got lots of them coming out. As always, people want to know what's going to be changed. People that play the game want to know if their favorite
For all that I report on them, I've actually only pledged for four total crowdfunding campaigns. One of them was for the original Dreadball game. What can I say? I was drawn in to the theme (having be
With all the news about The Walking Dead, this one almost got by. But Mantic's not just working on their upcoming zombies game. Oh no. They've also got all the pulse-pounding action of DreadBall that
Hello to everyone on this cold Saturday. I hope you're having a good day. I'm cracking nuts... for that fruitcake I've been telling you all about all week. They don't use the phrase, "nutty as a fruit
And our TGN broadcast day will end with one of the bigger sales for the weekend. Mantic Games doesn't disappoint with their Black Friday sales announcement. This weekend you can pick up Deadzone for 5
For those of you not in the US, you probably already know about the Rugby Championships that are going on. For those of you in the US... The Rugby Championships are going on. Also for those of you in
Day 2 is about to be in the books (as it's only got about 15min. left and then I'm going to go to sleep). It was quite a wild and busy Friday. The frantic-ness of Thursday turned into a more calm, but
You've seen it played in the glitz of professional arenas all around the galaxy. You've seen it taken to the back alleys and abandoned warehouses. Now, see DreadBall in an entirely new light as the ga
DreadBall combines various sports and mashes them together on your tabletop... which invariably has your players mashing into one-another on the tabletop as well. It's a good time had by all (if you e
Are you ready for some DreadBall!?While the stereotype has it that gamers don't even know the most basic fundamentals of sports, the truth is that many of us are sports fans (my personal preferences b
Mantic Games wants to give you free stuff. Do you want free stuff from Mantic Games? Of course you want free stuff from Mantic Games! Everyone wants free stuff from Mantic Games! They're having a spec
Mantic will be making their way to Salute and they'll be bringing quite a lot with them. First off, they'll have Kings of War demos going on the Tablescapes Tiles they have from Secret Weapon Miniatur
Here we are again on Tuesday. Seems we got here pretty quick. Monday, thankfully, came and went without much of a hitch, at least here. Hopefully yours was much the same.So anyway, we've got our regul
Mantic has launched their DreadBall Xtreme website and they're looking for people interested in helping out. Do you have match reports? Send 'em in. Do you have strategy or tactics articles? Send 'em
Another Saturday night (well, afternoon) and I ain't got nobody (well, I'm hanging out with my gaming group). I got some money 'cause I just got paid (well, earlier in the week, yeah). Oh how I wish I
Here to get you through another week are the podcasts and vidcasts that we think you might like to listen to.This week we have: Gamers on Games Episode 270 : Gameplay Overview of Terminus Gate, Gamers
Mantic is now taking pre-orders for the next expansion of DreadBall, DreadBall Xtreme. This version of the game eschews the lights and glamor of the arena for the rough and rumble world of "wherever w