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Mantic has announced that they'll start taking orders for DreadBall Xtreme starting this Friday in their webshop. This new version of DreadBall doesn't have fouls or Referees, and is played not in the
Mantic continues to add more Season 4 DreadBall stuff to their online store with the Hobgoblins and Sphyr. Remember, these new sets come pre-assembled, so you can just open the box and start playing.S
Mantic has started taking pre-orders for the 4th season of DreadBall. Get yourself the new book and teams and crunch some bones as you look to out-score and out-hurt your opponent. There's new teams,
Mantic gives us a look at what they have in store for DreadBall this year with a preview of Season 4. The Season 4 rulebook will be 48 pages an include four new teams: Sphyr, Hobgoblins, Unincorporate
Ironwatch, the fan-created Mantic magazine, has issue 29 out now for your downloading and reading pleasure. Included inside you'll find chilling new fiction for Kings of War with "Deathtime Story," a
Mantic gives us a look at how things are coming along with a little bit of everything. But the big announcement for the blog post is a mini-Kickstarter campaign they'll be launching next week.SourceFr
Mantic lets us know how things have been moving along with a couple of their projects, plus a tease at the next one they've got coming up.SourceFrom the post:We are continuing this year and next to ke
Mantic has released the rules for Dreadball for free via their digital downloads program.SourceFrom the announcement:Mantic Games have announced that they've released the rules for Dreadball for free
Mantic gives us a deeper look inside what's coming with the Azure Forest DreadBall limited edition set.SourceFrom the post:Ronnie's spilled the details on the Azure Forest edition of the ever popular
Mantic is working on making their 5th print run of DreadBall. Along with it, they're making some limited edition Azure Forest sets.SourceFrom the announcement:One of Mantic's Flagship games, Dreadball
Mantic has the clock running out on their DreadBall Xtreme Kickstarter campaign. There's less than 3 days left to get in on the action.SourceFrom them to you:Mantic have entered the final days with th
Mantic is still rockin' it over on Kickstarter for DreadBall Xtreme, but Play Board Games had a review up of DreadBall Ultimate for you to check out.SourceFrom the review:DreadBall Ultimate lets you p
Mantic knows a frenzy is hard to bring to an end and so they've added more Frenzy levels to their Kickstarter campaign.SourceFrom the update:We’ve had a few requests from potential backers enquiring a
Mantic has 5 days left for their DreadBall Xtreme Kickstarter campaign. As things start towards that final buzzer, they've got a double stretch goal posted up.SourceFrom the update:That’s right, you m
Mantic is giving away a Rampage pledge level to one lucky winner of their Board Game Geek contest. Will that person be you?SourceFrom the announcement:Mantic are giving away a pledge of Rampage to one
Mantic is constantly adding new stuff to the DreadBall Xtreme Kickstarter. There's the Challenge Cup. There's a new huge MVP. There's other add-ons. It's all sorts of stuff. Go take a look.SourceFrom
Mantic is busting stretch goals like an Orx Guard through Jacks. They've got the Season 5 DreadBall teams unlocked over on Kickstarter.SourceFrom the campaign:All four DreadBall Xtreme teams are unloc
Mantic Games enters the second half of their DreadBall Xtreme campaign with a Frenzy.SourceFrom the campaign:The players are coming for the second half…...and it is time to go on a Frenzy!Dreadball is
Mantic is throwing two more teams into the Rampage pledge level for DreadBall XtremeSourceFrom the announcement:We've given Rampage backers a mini-team of 8 Plague Players AND a mini-team of 8 Mechani
Mantic has posted up the beta rules for DreadBall Xtreme up online for checking out.SourceFrom the post:The DreadBall Xtreme Beta Rules have gone live! Presented in the Mantic Digital format, the digi
Mantic keeps chugging along with their second DreadBall Kickstarter campaign. They've added a tie-in with the Bitmap Brothers to create an MVP of their Speedball 2 cover character.SourceFrom the updat
Mantic has had quite a weekend for DreadBall Xtreme over on Kickstarter. They've made it up and over $300k.SourceFrom the campaign:Well that didn’t take long!That’s five Free Agents locked in and incl
Mantic has launched their Kickstarter campaign for DreadBall Xtreme. They've already made their funding goal, so it's stretch goals for 23 days.SourceFrom the campaign:Two teams battle it out on the p
Mantic has posted up this teaser video for their upcoming DreadBall Extreme Kickstarter. It's just a little over a day away from launch.SourceFrom the preview:It’s nearly time – DreadBall Xtreme is ju
Mantic has their new DreadBall website up and running in preparation for DreadBall Extreme coming later this month.SourceFrom the post:Mantic has posted new art and a teaser site for DreadBall Xtreme