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Dream Realm Storytellers

The folks over at Dream Realm Storytellers are looking to get some new blood into your D&D games with Bloodpunk. It's not just a new setting guide, but also a campaign designed to bring players fr
Dream Realm Storytellers is taking you to the frigid North. They are going to be launching a Kickstarter campaign for Svilland, a Norse-inspired D&D setting full of all the myth and wonder of that
There is evil in the world. That's why most adventurers go out and fight against it. But beyond just being generic "that's bad," what about games that want to further explore just what being evil mean
For there to be good, there must be evil. So, it could be said that to have great good, there must be great evil. Corpus Malicious is a book all about that great evil. It's a new book coming to soon t
Being a GM can be rough. You need to come up with the entire world in which your players are adventuring, plus, all those adventures. Sometimes, you can hit a snag and have a lack of story. That's whe
If you know me at all, you know I'm a "try before you buy" sort of person. I don't have millions of dollars to spend on games or warehouses full of space to store them all. So if I buy a game, it's be
Come from the land of the ice and snow. From the midnight sun, where the hot springs flow.Yes, from up in the arctic circle (or for those that read Greek, the bear circle), there's many adventures to