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Dropzone Commander

Hawk Wargames knows you only have one of the two elements of Dropzone Commander if you don't have any Commanders. As such, they've got new Commander Units for all their 5 factions. The models let you
"What's a news snippet?" I hear you ask. Well, they're just those shorter stories that we come across here at TGN that don't have much to go with it. Maybe it's a piece of concept art that we don't kn
Hawk Wargames has posted up their special sales items over in their webshop.SourceFrom them to you:Our Christmas Offers are now available on our site
Litko will be helping out Dropzone Commander players with a new set of tokens and templates specifically designed for use with the popular minis game.SourceAbout the set:Litko will be helping Dropozon
Hawk Wargames is now taking orders for their newest Dropzone Commander faction, the Resistance, over in their webshop.SourceFrom the website:The Resistance is a complex, characterful and disparate ass
Polyhedron Collider has posted up their video with Hawk Wargames from the UK Games Expo.SourceFrom the post:At the UK Games Expo I spoke to Simon from Hawk Wargames and got the inside scoop on the new
Hawk Wargames has started taking pre-orders for their new Ares Battle Walker in 30mm scale.SourceFrom the post:This imposing model is the very first kit in our exciting new Collector's Edition range.
Spud Tate's Larry looks at the Dropzone Commander Ruinscape Terrain and gives you his thoughts on the situation.Source
Hawk Wargames has their latest releases for Dropzone Commander posted up on their website, along with news about upcoming events.SourceFrom the announcement:New models available on the site for Pre-or
Hawk Wargames continues their previews of 3D renders for Dropzone Commander with some walkers and another tank.Source
Hawk Wargames is showing off several new 3D renders for units they're working on for Dropzone Commander.Source
Hawk Wargames has posted up their Holiday Specials (though no Jefferson Starship in this one) for Dropzone Commander.SourceFrom the website:These offers are for the Christmas period, and extend to 3rd
The Hairy Painter takes a look at the new two-player box set from Hawk Wargames for Dropzone Commander in this unboxing video.SourceFrom the video:An unboxing video for Hawk Wargames new 2 player star
Spud Tate, my ursine brother-from-another-mother, has posted up a video review of the Dropzone Commander Cityscape set.From the review:Hey everyone,Spud Tate brings you more dropzone commander with th
Hawk Wargames has announced a new 2-player Starter Set for Dropzone Commander. We got some photos of the contents for it in our GenCon photos from the show. It's pretty awesome.Also, look for a review
Games & Gears will be headed to GenCon next week and are bringing their Battle Boards for Dropzone Commander with them to the Hawk Wargames booth.From the announcement:Attending GEN CON 2013 INDIANAPO
Spud Tate has posted up a video review of the Dropzone Commander rulebook.From the review:Spud Tate brings you a quick review on the fantastic rulebook for dropzone commander.Go check it out!Don't for
Hawk Wargames is showing off the experimental rules for the new Dropzone Commander units that are coming out soon.From the announcement:The experimental rules for the new units are now available to do
Hawk Wargames has posted up issue #21 of their Newsletter for your downloading and reading pleasure.From the update:The latest newsletter is now available and this week Dave talks about the latest rel
Hawk Wargames gives us another look at the upcoming releases for Dropzone Commander with a preview of the Slatari Totem Warspike.From the preview:Today we are showing you the last of the new releases,
Hawk Wargames shows off another preview for Dropzone Commander with a look at the Longbow Artillery.From the preview:Today we are showing you the UCM longbow Artillery, check out the picture above and
Hawk Wargames is previewing a new mini for Dropzone Commander with a look at the Reaver Heavy Gunship.From the preview:Check out this sneak peek of the new Scourge Unit, the Reaver Heavy Gunship! More
Games & Gears has announced a partnership with Hawk Wargames to make new battle boards for Dropzone Commander.From the announcement:Games & Gears & Hawk Wargames announce Drop Zone Commander Battle Bo
Games & Gears Podcast unboxes and takes a look at the Cityscape terrain from Dropzone Commander.From the unboxing:We un-box the new kit from Dropzone Commander. This amazing kit comes with 20 building
Hawk Wargames is taking down names of those that want their new card terrain scenery set for Dropzone Commander as soon as it's available. Be the first gamer on your block with these buildings when th