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Getting the Collector's Edition books for the Dune RPG from Modiphius would be pretty cool. Getting them for free would be even cooler. And that's what you can do if you make a qualifying purchase fro
Your House has been selected to oversee Arrakis, also known colloquially as Dune. It's a big responsibility... and a dangerous one. How would you handle it? That's up to you to find out in Agents of D
Do you like Dune? And I mean, really like Dune? And the RPG from Modiphius? If you really like it, then they've got something special for you. They've created the Imperial Edition of the core book. Th
Modiphius has released a new adventure for Dune: Adventures in the Imperium. It's called Time Become a Narrow Door. An heir of an allied house has gone missing and it's up to the party to go find them
Welcome to Arakkis, commonly referred to as Dune. It's a harsh, unforgiving world, but is also the most important planet in the Imperium. Having an introductory guide would be good, and that's just wh
Portal Games has been adding a bunch of pre-orders to their webshop. This one is for Dune: House Secrets. Take up resistance against House Harkonnen as you make your way through multiple chapters of p
Modiphius has started taking pre-orders for their new expansion book for the Dune RPG. It's Sand and Dust and it focuses on what is the main planet at the crux of the inter-house issues, Arrakis. Walk
Portal Games has started taking pre-orders for a new, special edition of their cooperative Dune: House Secrets game. Work together to defeat the nefarious plots of House Harkonen. Control the Spice. M
I love autumn. It's my favorite time of year. The weather cools off. The leaves change colors. There's candy everywhere. And Dune: House Secrets is released. Well, that's just special to this year, as
He who controls the worms controls the Spice. He who controls the Spice controls... well, you'll have to roll and see if you pass your check first. If you're wanting to dive into the deep lore, politi
Portal Games has quite a 2021 planned out in front of them. Of course, plans are probably going to change, because they always do, but it's best to start with a plan anyway. So, what all are they work
Many of you have enjoyed the Detective game and its various expansions. Well, if you're a big sci-fi buff, you'll be interested to know that Portal Games has announced Dune: House Secrets, a new serie
Dune. It's one of the most celebrating sci-fi stories of all time. And soon, you'll be able to go down into the conflict between Houses for control of the Spice. Modiphius has started taking pre-order
As the new year draws closer, people want to know what 2021 will bring in terms of gaming. If you're a fan of the various Modiphius games, you'll be excited by this post, since they give us a glimpse
He who controls the worms controls the spice. And everyone knows that I like spicy things. That would make Dune a lot different if it was just powdered capsaicin. Anyway, those wanting to get into the
Want to get to talk with the designers of board games? Want to know why they did what they did and ask them about the design process? Want to connect with other gamers from all over the world? Well, i
Dune. Frank Herbert's tale of interstellar politics, strange weapons, and even stranger creatures has been seen in movies, books, toys, and even cooking shows (go watch the Punch episode of Good Eats)