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Dungeons & Dragons

Levels 1-3 can be some of the roughest for an adventurer. They're just getting out there and figuring out their abilities. Their whole adventuring career is head of them. And they can be taken out by
Better pack your galoshes. It's gonna get wet. There's a dragon turtle on the loose and it's up to your party to take care of it. It's the new Epic Encounter available to order from Steamforged Games.
I mean, sure, there's Healing Potions, but are those the only things your party quaffs in D&D? If so, you're missing out and Potions and Herbalists can fix it. It's not just a list of potions, but
The Nightmare Empire is the new book coming out soon for the Iron Kingdoms RPG from Privateer Press. Of course, Cryx is known for their unique jacks, the bonejacks and the helljacks. We get a quick, s
Looking to add more diversity and inclusivity to your RPG NPCs? Of course you are. Ever After Print is here to help with their 25 Queer NPCs to Diversify Your Roleplaying Games. Or, as I call it, "25
While I'm a teetotaler in real life, my RPG characters have been known to taste a tipple every once in a while. But while every DM has had a local bar that has Elven Wine and Dwarven Ale, what if you
Missed out on the Skyraiders of Abarax Kickstarter campaign? It happens. But it's not too late. You can head over and get in on the pre-orders for this new RPG supplement guide and extras. But don't m
What your character is equipped with can be just as iconic to their overall aesthetic as their class or background. And if you're looking for a whole host of new items with which you can customize you
Many of you have played your D&D games using the Epic Encounters sets from Steamforged Games. Soon, the line will get a new sub-set called Local Legends. New NPCs. New Adventures. New minis. It's
Originally almost put this one in the Terrain Corner, but it's more than just that amazing house and the accompanying miniatures that are part of this campaign. It's a whole adventure for 5th edition
Wizards of the Coast is bringing you a baker's dozen (that's 13 for those that don't know) new stand-alone adventures for Dungeons & Dragons. They're calling the collection Journeys Through the Ra
It's Pride Month, and we here at TGN love all you gamers out there. Be who you are. If you're looking to bring some of yourself to your tabletop characters, check out Adventuring with Pride: A Queero'
Want more options? What more locations to play in? What amazing histories of great nations? Then you'll want to check out the Kickstarter project for The At last of the Latter Earth, running now.
You ever have a restaurant or food that you really love? I mean REALLY love? And then you can't get it anymore and you're super bummed about it? That's where you find yourself in Spider House Rules, a
"More options!" The clarion call for all gamers. And that's what Guardians of Agthor brings you. New player options like class archetypes. But also new stuff for the GM like monsters, location info, a
Sure, life under the evil empire wasn't the best, but it was at least someone in charge. They may be gone, but nobody's really filled in yet. It's a wile galaxy out there, ripe for exploration. And th
The Kickstarter campaign for the Eorldom of Gar looks to do two things. 1: Bring new players into the game in an easy way. 2: Bring the various adventures that have been released for said setting into
Steamforged Games like to make big, epic encounters for your D&D games. They're so epic, they're the Epic Encounters line, with rules, minis, and maps. It's everything you need in a single box. Th
Pathfinder and Dungeons & Dragons are often seen as rival systems. But that doesn't mean they can't work together occasionally. Paizo has announced that their Abomination Vaults Adventure Path is
It's a cliche that gamers can get overly worked up when telling others about their RPG character. But, in this instance, it's a good thing. Privateer Press wants to hear about your Iron Kingdoms RPG c
"You take 8 damage." I mean, we probably all have heard it. But what does it actually mean? Not much, really, storytelling-wise. But the folks over at Lone Colossus Games feel it should mean something
Turning towards more plant-based lives is definitely something that many people are doing, and it's not all about simply turning vegan. There's a lot of legends and folklore around plants and Herbariu
Epic Encounters kits gives you everything you need for a... well... epic encounter as part of your D&D game. Map, minis, stats, set-up, everything. And the new Hive of the Ghoul-kin set is availab