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Dungeons & Dragons

A Lich. They make a great campaign baddie for your RPG games. But what if you want to delve a bit deeper beyond just a single stat block in a monster manual? That's where Liches: Dance Macabre comes i
I mean, you can get a +1 Sword or a Bag of Holding, sure. But what about picking up something just a bit more crazy? Don't know what to get? Well, there's a big catalog of items in the form of Grinder
As we all know, the greatest threat to everyday life is... ... Ancient Egypt! *Imperial March plays* At least, that's where your adventurers are going in Necropolis, a fantasy RPG adventure for both 5
If you're looking for a new land in which to play your D&D games, you should check out the Stargazer's Guide to Aroria. It's a new setting guide up on Kickstarter that has a heavy bit of the zodia
Kobolds are my favorite low-level monster to throw at a party. Sure, Goblins can be fun. As can giant insects. But there's just something about kobolds that I love. And soon, I'll be able to add to my
What we see in our everyday lives is really a battleground. Divine and devilish forces are pitted in a war for the heavens. It's into this battle that we end up in The Angels & Devils trilogy of R
If you're looking to add some more horror elements to your D&D games, namely based on different folktales, which are rather bloody, when you go and look at them, then you'll want to check out Wick
The enlightened animals are back again. Painting Polygons has a Kickstarter campaign up and running for The Faraway Sea, their new campaign guide for their Animal Adventures line. With new animals joi
While I prefer the term, "geek," (though I've never bitten the head off of a chicken in a sideshow), "nerd" is definitely one that many of us have identified with over the years. So, it seems only fit
The Feywild is many players and DM's favorite location in D&D. There's a lot of strange things that can happen there, especially when the fey, themselves, get involved. Well, that's what's happeni
<weewoo! weewoo! weewoo!> Giant dragon alert! We have giant dragon alert! Though they're not the minis. They're the book for. Wizards of the Coast has announced Fizban's Treasury of Dragons, a n
Two continents. One recovering from a millennia-long religious war. The other now having to deal with their deities suddenly up and leaving them. How will the two cope in the world as it is now? That'
Under the sea. Under the sea. *ducks thrown objects* That's where you're headed in Seas of Everglow, a new supplement for Ponyfinder from Silver Games. If you're looking to see how it's better down wh
Two thousand years ago, the world was covered by a deadly fog. The only refuge were the floating sky cities. This is where you find yourself in Cloudsea, a new RPG setting guide for 5th edition D&
No two games of D&D are entirely the same. Every group does things just a touch differently. And if you're looking to tweak up your game a little, you might want to check out Alkander's Almanac of
More options! That's what most gamers want when it comes to their characters. And if you're a spellcaster, even with the tomes of spells out there, there's never quite that one you're looking for. But
Adventurers are like superheroes in many ways. They have extraordinary powers that most people don't. They tend to wear weird outfits and armor. They use strange and powerful weapons. And they tend to
You go to Dragon+ for some great Dungeons & Dragons content. But this latest issue has something for you card gamers as well. There's exclusive previews for some upcoming Magic: The Gathering card
Wands can be extremely useful little tools for an adventuring party. Don't have access to a spell that would really help out? Just find a wand that'll cast it. But what if you haven't found just the w
We're not in Kansas, anymore. At least, I'm not. I used to be. You might still very well be there. But in Adventures in Oz, you won't be, at least when you're playing. It's a pair of sourcebooks for 5
Dungeons. I mean, it's right there in the name of Dungeons & Dragons. You're more-than-likely going to end up in a few during your adventuring career. And if you're looking for some more to go thr
Some gamers really don't like having to go learn a new RPG system when they're really comfortable and familiar with one already. But what if you don't want to play fantasy but want to go superhero ins
Silver Games first introduced the False Queen in the From the Ashes supplement for Ponyfinder. But now, it's getting fleshed out fully, with new options as a full pony sub-type for your players to cho
<whoop! whoop! whoop!> Testing out a new Giant Dragon Alert. And this is a good one to test it on as WizKids has announced pre-orders for a new Adult Green Dragon figure as part of their D&D
Lovers of the forest and all things natural, Druids draw on the power of such places to fuel their powers. And soon, they'll have even more resources at their fingertips as Homebrewed Games will be la