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Eclipse Editorial

A corrupt Emperor, pitting his people against one-another. An exiled hero, whom the populace hopes makes a return soon. Demons, bound after an ancient war, trying to re-enter our world. That's what awaits you in Yohei, a new skirmish game coming to Kickstarter next week from Draco Ideas and Eclipse Editorial.

Cheese. We all want it. And if you don't... well... more for me. *eats all the cheese!* Getting all the cheese you can so you can feed your growing clan of rats (and not just eat it all yourself) is what you'll be doing in Ratland, a new board game that's up on Kickstarter now. Search through the sewers for cheese, grow your rat clan, and expand out, claiming areas for yourself. Just keep an eye on your competitors. They're more than happy to steal your cheese away when you're not looking.

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