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Elder Sign

Finally... Finally, the temperature is starting to go down. Monday is supposed to be 10 degrees cooler than today. And by then, we'll have more night than day. The season of scaring will be here. And
You ever have one of those days where you wake up, get going with doing things, then look at the clock and are like, "Whoah! It's already 7pm!! How'd that happen!?!" Yeah, that was my yesterday. I wok
With all the troubles in the world today, we all know that the true evil is... Ancient Egypt! *Imperial March plays*At least, the minions of Nephren-Ka are evil, and they're looking to bring the long-
Knowledge is power. That's been known for quite some time (and thus, has been powerful for quite some time). Knowledge of one's enemy in a conflict can certainly make the going easier. And when the en
Once again, the true evil in the world rears its ugly head.I, of course, am referring to... Ancient Egypt! *Imperial March plays over scene of the pyramids*That's where you'll be headed (well, Egypt,
When you go out into the ocean, you can never be truly certain what is lurking just below the waves underneath your boat. That's why you're not going to find me out there. No, I don't actually believe
Just about anyone who knows even a bit about the Cthulhu mythos knows of the legendary sunken city of R'lyeh. It was lost below the waves of the Atlantic long, long ago. But the city has risen once mo
When out in the middle of the ocean, you might think that coming across an island would be a good thing. Heck, you might even be out there looking for clues to a mystery, clues that might be on that i
I have to admit something: I never want to go out into the ocean. There's just too many things out there in it that I don't know anything about and it kinda creeps me out. Simply not for me. That sort
Those that know about H.P. Lovecraft's work know about the mythical city of R'lyeth. Heck, even those with only a passing knowledge of Lovecraft's books might recognize the name of the city sunken in
Though I may be in Atlanta, it certainly doesn't feel like the "sunny South" right now. Yes, I know it's much, much colder in my old stomping grounds in, say, Chicago, but it's not like it's beach wea
Fantasy Flight Games have announced that their Cthulhu inspired Elder Sign boardgame is now available for sale. From their website: A muffled cry goes unanswered in the darkest exhibit halls of the A
Fantasy Flight Games have posted a video previewing their upcoming Cthulhu-based Elder Sign horror boardgame. From their website: Players in Elder Sign assume the roles of investigators racing to pre
Fantasy Flight Games have posted PDF rules for Elder Sign, Gears of War and Dust Tactics.
Fantasy Flight Games have posted a new preview of the Elder Signs card game looking at some of the Elder Gods that gamers will encounter.
Fantasy Flight Games have posted details of the upcoming Elder Sign Cthulhu-based boardgame. From their website: Fantasy Flight Games proudly announces the upcoming release of Elder Sign! This fast-p