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Jean Khan? Geeen Coin? Gen Con... I... I feel I remember that. Oh yeah, it was that thing we would go to... It's happening again this year, though it's still a bit more than a month away. If you're he
The Pandemic continues along as new variants continue to crop up. So, having events virtually is still the best idea. And Renegade Game Studios has a new one coming up in August. They're calling it Re
The convention season is kinda weird this year. Last year, there just wasn't any. It was actually a bit less complicated that way. This year, it's, like, hybrid shows. Who's going to what? All that ki
With PaizoCon happening this weekend, Paizo is also running themselves a special sale over on their website. You can save some money on pretty much everything they've got available. Save yourself some
PaizoCon might be this weekend, but there's more PaizoCons just around the corner. They're having one specifically for both Europe and the South Pacific. In this post, we get a bit more of a look at t
While people are getting their vaccines, there's still a lot of uncertainty going on around when, exactly, the big conventions will happen again. Well, still not all that soon, but sooner than this ti
Steamroller is Privateer Press' tournament format. As part of their regular updates for their games, they've posted their Community Integrated Development (CID. Basically a public beta) of the new upd
Being held online means that literally everyone with an internet connection can attend PaizoCon. And Paizo certainly has plenty of things planned, including a full raft of Twitch events. Want to make
As part of their Get Back Gaming campaign, Mantic is going to be running a worldwide Kings of War event. The event was originally supposed to happen last year, but then last year happened. As such, it
As part of the upcoming PaizoCon Online event, they will be making a new monster. And they want your help in figuring out just what this monster will be. They've put up a survey asking for your input.
We didn't get an in-person Gen Con in 2020. However, we are getting one in 2021. If you're planning on heading to Indy, you'll need a place to stay. For that, Gen Con has announced that housing is ope
While there's definitely still a pandemic going on, things are generally trending towards "better" in much of the world. Some events that we used to know are planning on having physical shows again, s
The pandemic is still going on over much of the world, but the end is in sight as more vaccine shots are getting into more arms every day. I know I'm more than ready to Get Back Gaming. And Mantic is
Want to get in on the online gaming action that is PaizoCon Online? Well, then you'll want to head over and get your name on the list for a badge as well as sign up for some amazing online gaming expe
While pandemic situations are starting to reduce in some places in the world, there's still many restrictions out there. And playing online is simply a great way to get games in with people who aren't
Gen Con is coming this year, at least kinda. It's later than usual, but better late than never. Badge registration will be opening on the 23rd of this month.
Shots are getting into arms and so getting together to hang out and paint minis with your friends is actually on the horizon. And when you get together to paint, you'll need a mini to paint. That's wh
The next PaizoCon is coming soon. They're getting to be old hat at this, which is nice. If you're wanting to join in, you may be wondering just what there will be to do during the show. That's where t
The pandemic means we can't gather together for events right now. However, there's plenty of opportunity to meet up online. Such an event is the Paint Night Event Live Stream that WizKids will be hold
People are getting shots in arms (I'm getting my 2nd today, in fact), but we're still a long way from having conventions again. In the meantime, events are still being held online. Games Workshop's Wa
Shots are getting into arms, but there's still a lot of questions about events being held in person. But having plans is still good. As such, Gen Con's looking to have their Pop-Up Gen Con events this
Shots are getting into arms, but we're not ready yet to get back into huge groups for conventions (and there's the other question of whether huge conventions will ever really be a thing again anywhere
Been sitting around thinking, "Aw man. There's nothing to do this weekend. It's gonna be boring!" Well, I've got great news for you! Steve Jackson Games is running their FnordCon Virtual 3 this weeken
Ashes Reborn is now available. And Plaid Hat Games is celebrating. They've got a special launch stream coming up in just a couple hours. Head over and check out what they've got going on.
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