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Another new core box set is making its way to your tabletops soon for The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms from Modiphius. Fighting against those vampires from earlier today, we have the Dawnguard and thei
It's Monday and I've got what feels like a billion things to do today. So, I've got high-energy music playing as I try and work through this To Do list. That includes making your gaming tables look go
There's a new resin core set coming soon for The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms, the fantasy miniatures game from Modiphius. They're the Vampires and they're ready to drain the blood of all who stand in
Levels 1-3 can be some of the roughest for an adventurer. They're just getting out there and figuring out their abilities. Their whole adventuring career is head of them. And they can be taken out by
Slaine is the newest fantasy minis game from Warlord Games and it's getting a bit of an expansion. Warlord Games is showing off a bunch of new kits that will be available soon.
The folks over at Pinnacle Entertainment Group are bringing you more content for their Pathfinder for Savage Worlds line. They've got both Curse of the Crimson Throne as well as The Advanced Player's
We got a points update, but what about updating models that needed a bit more of a tweak to their stat block? Well, that's here, too, as Games Workshop has posted a Balance Update for Age of Sigmar. G
The Fae are making their way to the Godtear arena. Lily, a new Champion, has her set available to pre-order now over on the Steamforged Games website.
With so many different moving parts in Age of Sigmar, it takes constant tweaks to make sure things are running smoothly. And that occasionally means turning some dials. In this instance, it's updating
Better pack your galoshes. It's gonna get wet. There's a dragon turtle on the loose and it's up to your party to take care of it. It's the new Epic Encounter available to order from Steamforged Games.
I mean, sure, there's Healing Potions, but are those the only things your party quaffs in D&D? If so, you're missing out and Potions and Herbalists can fix it. It's not just a list of potions, but
With the billion things I've had going on lately, I totally forgot that Free RPG Day is coming up this weekend! Thankfully, Paizo gave me a kindly reminder as they're previewing their stuff they have
If you play Age of Sigmar, Necromunda, or 40k, you'll want to take a look at what's going on with the pre-releases this week from Games Workshop. New books. New model kits. New bundles. New accessorie
Looking to add more diversity and inclusivity to your RPG NPCs? Of course you are. Ever After Print is here to help with their 25 Queer NPCs to Diversify Your Roleplaying Games. Or, as I call it, "25
We've been going back and forth between the Skaven and the Sylvaneth in terms of previews for Age of Sigmar. This time around, it's Skaven behind the steering wheel, with their Path to Glory rules bei
The Legendary Kingdoms is getting its 3rd installment. It's Pirates of the Splintered Isles. And while it's initially written as a solo game book, it's been successfully played using multiple players
The Empire of Dust has new Army and Mega Army kits coming soon for Kings of War. In this article, we get a look at some of the units that should be picked up by anyone looking to lead these skeletons
Age of Sigmar is getting a new General's Handbook soon. It's coming to pre-order this weekend. Inside, there's a whole ton of updates, as usual. That includes new rules for Veteran Infantry. Get a loo
While I'm a teetotaler in real life, my RPG characters have been known to taste a tipple every once in a while. But while every DM has had a local bar that has Elven Wine and Dwarven Ale, what if you
"Just let me play what I want to play!" So many gamers have that thought but their games are too restrictive. Tyrant's Conquest looks to remedy that with a class and level system that gives you more f
When the forest comes for you, it goes hard. They're on their warpath and they're not going to stop for anything. Check out the upcoming Path to Glory rules for the Sylvaneth which will be in their ne
The Sylvaneth are as in-tune with nature as a faction can get, really. So, of course, as the seasons change, so do they. And in this preview of their upcoming battletome, we get a look at some of thei