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Fantasy Flight Games

A new Descent game, Legends of the Dark, is making its way to your tabletops soon. As always, there's various heroes that will be heading into those creepy, crawly spaces. Who are they and who will yo
Rokugan is a land of warfare. The different clans wage conflict all over. And with the new Legend of the Five Rings RPG books available from Fantasy Flight, you can experience those wars in all new wa
It seems just about every villain has, at some point in time during their career, been a hero (or at least anti-hero) in comic books. Such is the case for Spider-Man's longtime rival, Venom. He's got
The deluxe expansion, The Galaxy's Most Wanted, is now available for Marvel Champions. Get yourself the Groot and Rocket Racoon hero decks along with plenty of enemies ready to squash them into space
Big truck! Big truck! Big truck! Said move! Said move it! Star Wars: Legion is getting themselves a new truck that you can add to your forces. It's the A-A5 Speeder Truck and we get a preview of it fr
Personally, I don't believe much in luck. It's all probability and statistics. However, Domino says, "hold my beer" to that. She's the luckiest woman alive and she's now available as a downloadable he
Out on the battlefields in the Star Wars universe, it's not just troops along the ground that you have to worry about. There's also the potential for all sorts of ships coming in overhead. That includ
One of the most renowned pilots in the galaxy is getting into the cockpit of one of the most feared fighters. In the upcoming Starstrike Squadron Pack for X-Wing, Darth Vader will take the control sti
Many of you out there love Euro-style games. They focus on player skill and tactics more than acts of chance. And there's a ton of really good games out there. And there was going to be more thanks to
It's bound to happen occasionally. Delays in releases. Best thing you can do is simply continue to save your nickels and your beloved game will get to you eventually. That's the case with the next set
KeyForge is the card game where every deck in existence is different from every other one. It's usually competitive, but Fantasy Fight is asking, "Why can't we be friends?" and released some cooperati
A member of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Drax the Destroyer is on a mission to kill Thanos for... y'know... killing him originally (turn-about is fair play, I suppose). Soon, you'll be able to recruit
The Legend of the Five Rings LCG is coming to an end. But it's not going out quietly. Fantasy Flight is running the Battle of Cherry Blossom Snow event over on their website and it brings in many diff
Friday was the season finale of WandaVision. Seems appropriate that it was also the release date for the new Scarlet Witch Hero Pack for Marvel Champions. No, it's not some kind of magic illusion. It'
Though the Legend of the Five Rings LCG is coming to an end, Fantasy Flight is making sure it goes out with a bang in style instead of just a whisper. They've launched their Battle of Cherry Blossom S
The Scum & Villainy faction for X-Wing is getting its own set of elite fighters soon. It's the Fugitives and Collaborators pack. They might be on the fringes of society, but they'll be in the midd
Professor Charles Xavier is out there trying to make sure that certain, gifted individuals are found, protected, and taught to use their incredibly abilities. To help with that, he's created the X-Men
TIE Interceptors were always my favorite of the TIE varieties (followed closely by TIE Bombers, but that's as may be). If you're like me, you'll be excited about the Skystrike Academy Squadron Pack co
A new squadron pack is coming soon for X-Wing. It's the Phoenix cell and it includes newly-painted A-Wings and a B-Wing. Take a look at what all will be coming in this new squadron with this preview.
There's a lot of deadly people out there in the galaxy. But when you're declared the most dangerous woman in the galaxy, you've got a pretty special skill set. And that's what Gamora is called. And so
The Empire doesn't have much in the way of requirements on their soldier's facial hair. As such, we have the beautifully be-chopped Agent Kallus, coming soon as a Commander Expansion for Star Wars: Le
Lando Calrissian has had a bit of a checkered past. While often simply working for his own advancement, he still has a heart of gold and becomes a major part of the Rebel Alliance later on. Soon, you'
French Hill always seemed like a rather quaint neighborhood. However, nothing in Arkham is quite as it seems. Underneath the fine veneer is the horrors of the Underworld. And that's where you'll be he
This'll be it. This'll be the final set coming for this iteration of the Legend of the Five Rings LCG from Fantasy Flight. It's Under Fu Leng's Shadow. This deluxe expansion will also bring cooperativ
Fantasy Flight Games has announced that the run of making the Legend of the Five Rings card game is coming to an end. This latest chapter in the game's long saga will end with one last deluxe release