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Yet more free rules for the new edition of Warcry for you. This time around, it's the Agents of Chaos. If you've been waiting around for these to drop, your wait is over so you can get some games in o
The game Drakar och Demoner is as old as I am. It's Sweden's original tabletop RPG and soon, it'll be getting a fresh edition (wish I could say I was getting a fresh edition... But anyway). Free Leagu
Games Workshop has posted up the newest FAQ for the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game. If there's something you've been wondering about, head on over and check it out. Make sure you're playing with th
Laidback Dungeon Master is back with the 11th installment of their Shotglass Rounds, their series of pre-made RPG adventures. This time, it's Duumhaven. The adventure is made to work with D&D and
Looking for a new, darker sort of world to set your D&D game? Then you should check out the Darkness Reigns: The Chronicles of Shadaryn up on Kickstarter now. World beyond. Terrible monsters. It's
Meromorph Games is back with another season of Atma, ther RPG card game. Atma is everything you need for an RPG but in a simple deck of cards. This new season is stand-alone from Season I, but the two
Sure, you can have a regular, heroic adventuring party. But why not create your own band of thieves and create a guild? Sounds pretty awesome, right? But how do you go about doing it actually in the g
As so often happens, the first couple days of the week went by quickly. Then, yesterday seemed to stand still, especially in the afternoon. Now, I honestly don't mind that so much this week. Not that
It's the first day of Gen Con... and I'm not in Indy... *sad bear noises* Oh well. Those that are up at the ICC can head over to the Paizo booth and pick up some new releases for Pathfinder and Starfi
Another batch of free rules for Warcry has been posted by Games Workshop. With the new edition of the game now out as part of the latest box set, all the different factions are getting an update. This
The upcoming book all about RPG-ing around in a mythic form of Britain and Ireland, Vaesen, tore up the charts on Kickstarter. Now, Free League Publishing has started taking pre-orders for it. But, al
A new core set is coming soon for The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms. It's the rag-tag group known as the Bandits. You can get your name on the list to get this new set as soon as it's available by headi
A character's gear can define them just as much as their class or background. And if you're looking for some new kit to either equip your character with or to give out to your players, you should chec
Halfway through the week. I hope yours is going by quickly. And a shout-out to everyone up in Indy for Gen Con who are there for the show. Wish I was there. You folks are definitely going to need ener
And some more new rules for Warcry since the new edition's box set is up on Games Workshop's webstore again this week. This time around, it's the Harbingers of Destruction (if that's not the name of a
Wizards of the Coast is looking to get more people playing D&D and they're making it as easy as possible with their new D&D Starter Set. It's available now at Target with a more general releas
Looking to play an RPG session but you don't have time to do all the prep work. Well, a pre-made adventure is just right for you. And there's a new one up on Kickstarter. It's The Beast of Borgenwold
If you're a Warcry player, you're probably interested in the new box set that came out. Not necessarily because of the minis, but because of the rules. The game's got a new edition and things are a-ch
No, don't go and start chewing on your minis. The new Armada Taster Set is like even more of a "dip your toe in the water" set than a 2-player starter. And Mantic has started taking pre-orders for it
The Tharn are in touch with the nature of Immoren due to their relationship with the Devourer Wurm. This gives them powerful, transformative powers.And if you're wanting to play one in the IKRPG, you
Bushido is getting itself a new faction this upcoming weekend as Inari’s Judgement is making its way to tabletops. Those at Gen Con will be able to pick them up directly from GCT at the show while the
This week, Games Workshop's pre-order store is all about Warcry. It's not just a new box set, it's also a new edition of the game. Head on through and get your name on the list to add it to your colle
Ronnie, the head of Mantic, gives us a brief look back at the first half of the year for Mantic and also a little look forward at what we can expect from them for the rest of the year, plus some Gen C
Well, one player in my group is going to want to get this so that her character can adopt everything in this book, I'm sure. If you're looking to add some adorable creatures to your D&D games, che
Much of our adventures take place on the surface world. But far below, there's many, many realms we've yet to explore. But that's where we're headed in Deep & Dangerous, an RPG supplement all abou