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While I'm a greenskin through and through, there's a lot of Lizardman (ok, Seraphon) love to be found as well. They're my team in Blood Bowl and will soon be making their way to another Games Workshop
Games Workshop rolls into the New Year with a big batch of releases upcoming this weekend. What've they got in store? Well, the plague arrives with the Death Guard for 40k. But that's not all. There's
I've got a couple tattoos. I really wish I had more. I've got plans, but just not had the time to get them done. But as cool as the designs I have in mind are, and no matter what artist I go to, they'
You can't end a long D&D campaign by having your party fight Steve, Local Janitor Who's a Bit Skeevy. No, you need something truly epic. But if you're having trouble coming up with some sort of ep
The folks over at Skirmisher Publishing are always wanting to make sure that their products are as good as they can possibly be. As such, they're regularly releasing new and updated versions of produc
Well, the first full week of the new year is over. I can't say that it's been the peaceful, uneventful, "ease back into things" week that I would've hoped for, but waddyagonnado? We've made it to the
Look, the name of this Pathfinder encounter is Heaving Kobolds, and I'm not going to pretend that that doesn't sound like a trashy romance novel that the adventurers would find on the shelves of some
NCUs are a unique aspect of the A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game where models are set aside from the battle, but still have an effect on the conflict through their placement on the Tac
If you're looking to add some new variation to your RPG characters or campaigns, you'll want to check out Kibbles' Compendium of Craft and Creation that's up on Kickstarter now. It's got a little bit
Want to add some Lovecraftian horrors to your D&D games? Then Mythos Monsters is the book for you. It's got dozens of terrifying, mind-bending, alternate-dimension creatures ready to invade your w
Mantic has a lot of stuff they're working on for 2021. What is it? Lemme explain... No, there is too much, lemme sum up. All of their games have new figures, new rules, and more coming, pretty much. Y
Paizo likes to get your input about their upcoming content to make sure that it's helpful for you and your games. They will regularly run open playtests where you can check out the material and give y
While not found on the battlefields of Westeros, the NCUs in the A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game play an important role in the game, giving players access to different abilities of th
Since many of us are still in lockdown due to the pandemic, going out to the gaming store and playing isn't really feasible. As such, playing at home is mostly what we can get. And if you're looking t
Look, there's nothing wrong with "new fangled," but I have to admit, I'm a bit more of an "old school" kinda bear. And it's that old school feel that you get in The Chronicles of Aeres, a new campaign
At least once a year, you have a birthday. That holds true for your local gaming stores, too, including your local GW shop. For their birthday (or anniversary, if you will), they have special minis av
Paizo loves to offer free content for their games up on their website. In this case, it's a holiday-themed creature you can drop into your Pathfinder games from Welsh folklore, the Mari Lwyd. Really,
Games Workshop certainly has a lot coming up this year. They've got a short video giving us some glimpses of what we can expect in the upcoming months, as long as some stills and more info about one i
Warmachine. Hordes. Riot Quest. Monsterpocalypse. Iron Kingdoms RPG. All are things that Privateer Press has been working on. And all are things that will be getting releases this year. What are some
Before 2020 ended, CMON posted up an update for their A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game as well as give a look at what they'll be coming out with this year. Have yourselves a look and m
As is their tradition, the folks over at Skirmisher Publishing are prepping for the lunar New Year coming up soon by releasing a monster for Dungeons & Dragons based on it. This upcoming year, we
We're literally just a couple days from Christmas and while it's been too late to get something shipped to you for a while now, downloading files is basically instant. And that's how long it'll take t
A new Pathfinder Battles set is due to hit shelves soon and Paizo is showing off some more of the minis that they've been working with WizKids to make. If you want a peek inside Darklands Rising, this
The A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game is getting an update early next year. We've been getting some previews of what these changes will be, but we've got a lot more to go on here with t
Some of you may be wondering why Paizo and Pinnacle Entertainment Group are working together to create Pathfinder adventures in Savage Worlds. Well, they have an answer for you. The short version is,
nicolasroquigny 32 days ago
Because Savage Worlds is an easy to learn and innovative rule system. A better entry point for new players than the relatively rules heavy Pathfinder.