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Paizo has posted an update addressing some possible concerns that have arisen with the Agents of Edgewatch Adventure Path that they've been working on for Pathfinder and wanted to put out a statement
I've got a giant robot alert. I really should get a giant dragon alert. For all I talk about giant robots, as I look around me, there's actually... *counts* 6 giant dragons that I can see from right w
A new army is coming for Age of Sigmar. The Lumineth Realm Lords are a new faction for the light that you can head on over and order the first sets for now, basically a starter army along with the arm
Here in the northern hemisphere, it's about to get hot. And specifically here in Atlanta, it's going to get really hot. Summer's just around the corner and people's ACs are going to be running. Sounds
Looking for someone new to be in charge of your Avatars of War warband? Well, there's a new figure on the block, the Maraduer Warlord and he cuts quite an imposing figure on the tabletop. You can head
Ever since the beginning of D&D, a character's race has affected at least their stats, of not more (originally, Elf was a whole class, itself). And certain races have always been portrayed certain
Longtime readers will know my love for 2-player starter sets. For one price, you and a friend can get into a game quickly and easily. They're a great way to get going on a game and already start with
A new, aelven faction is coming for Age of Sigmar. They're the Lumineth Realm-Lords and you can take a look at what these new mostly-white-clad pointy-eared figures are headed into battle with.
As usual with One Page Rules updates, there's a lot going in this one. First off, they've got free 3D models for figures that they're releasing regularly. Want to get free toy soldiers? Got yourself a
Maybe you like the Conan RPG, but you want something slightly different. You still like the setting, but wish to explore other eras of it. Now you can with Kull of Atlantis, a new supplement to the Co
TTCombat has some new fantasy minis coming out. They're the halflings and it's been a rather anticipated set of releases. They're also coming out with some new Rumbleslam figures, because luchadores a
Ah yes, Free RPG Day, where companies produce cool items to get you out to your LGS and hang out and share in our joy of playing pretend with one-another. I have a large affinity for playing pretend.
arcanepretzel 26 days ago
I've heard good things about the Goblin-oriented Free RPG Day adventures, and them branching out into Kobold territory is a nice one, now that Goblins are, er, 'mainstream'. Or, at least, in the main book as a playable race.
Tarot cards are generally used to try and tell the future. However, with the Fatum tarot deck that's up on Kickstarter now, you can tell the past. The past of your character you're building, that is.
Places are starting to reopen after the pandemic and that means that companies are able to roll out some new releases again. That includes Mantic who has some up on their website that you can check ou
The latest Pathfinder Battles set is soon to come out and Paizo is giving you one last look inside before it hits store shelves. I'm always a fan of having a wide array of minis ready for my games. I
I, like many gamers, have moved their games online. I've been playing most weekends and it's been nice. I'm actually gaming more now than I was before. But as more and more gamers are headed virtual,
The Savage Sign brings you all manner of new material for your Savage Worlds games. Now, Sigil Entertainment Group is looking to bring you a second issue. As before, it's got all manner of things for
Onyx Path Publishing is looking to bring you a new setting where you can adventure around for your D&D games. They're taking the worlds of The Realm and Legendlore comics and bringing them togethe
Do you enjoy running RPGs? Do you wish you had a bit more varied repertoire, however? Would you like to know more about GMing and what you can do to improve your skills? Then Roll & Play is the bo
House Baratheon might be a house divided, but they still have a chance to being the one on the Iron Throne when all is said and done. In the Baratheon Heroes II box for the A Song of Ice and Fire: Tab
Options.It's what players want for their characters. With every new set of options, players can create a character closer to what they have in mind. If you're playing in the world of Oranth, or even i
It's been a little bit, but the folks over at River Horse are still working away during the pandemic. In this instance, they've got some new Tails of Equestria adventures for you. They're put together
Skirmisher Publishing is always looking to make sure that their books give you everything you need. Recently, they came out with their In the Footsteps of Herculese book, a guide for pilgrimages in RP
Paizo and WizKids have another set of Pathfinder Battles minis coming out soon. It's the City of Lost Omens set and it gives players and GMs a lot of new options for figures to use on their tabletops.
House Baratheon is divided among itself for who should be the next Baratheon on the Iron Throne. Some say Renly. Others say Stannis. In the Baratheon Heroes #1 box for the A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabl