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Fat Dragon Games

Fat Dragon Games has some new starship exterior terrain tiles available for all you sci-fi gamers.From the release:E-Z BATTLEFIELDS: Starship Attack features nine 8"x10" tiles that have layered graphi
Fat Dragon Games has started their Black Friday sale. Go take a look.From the sales sheet:Greetings from the FDG crew! We're shutting down for a few days to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday with our fam
Fat Dragon Games is in their final days for their Borderland Keep terrain piece Kickstarter. They've made far beyond their original goal, but that doesn't mean they can't still use more pledges.From t
Fat Dragon Games has a new Kickstarter they just got underway for their Borderland Keep: Deluxe Edition.From the campaign:The FOLD FLAT terrain system allows you to create fully modular 28mm scale ter
Fat Dragon Games has a sale up on RPGNow in honor of those that can't make it to Indy this week.From the sale sheet:Fat Dragon Games is offering a bundle deal on their most popular E-Z DUNGEONS terrai
Fat Dragon Games is having their Christmas in July sale over on DriveThruRPG. Why not get some stuff for your friends?From the sale sheet:Fat Dragon Games' annual Christmas in July sale is here! Now t
Fat Dragon Games has released their Tiger II for Lost Reich. Get it over at DriveThru RPG.From the release:This mech expansion includes:• 1 New mech• Multiple markings options• Beginner's Guide to Car
Fat Dragon Games helps beautify your gaming table with their 3D village building kit wherein you can make fantasy building terrain.From them to you:Fat Dragon Games has releases a 28mm scale medieval
Fat Dragon Games knows it's a pain to get your shoes all muddy when trompsing through a river for your little soldier mans, and so they've made a bridge for you to use, instead.From the update: Fat Dr
Fat Dragon Games has done exceedingly well with their Kickstarter project to make their new Dragonshire terrain set, but there's still a little bit of time to go if you want to help out.From the campa
Hungry Honey Badgers is a new dice game by Fat Dragon Games up on Kickstarter. Check it out.From the announcement:Hey everyone! Fat Dragon Games has just launched a Kickstarter for our new dice game H
Lost Reich, by Fat Dragon Games, shows us their new Skorpion Ausf. II over on Wargame Vault.Antarctica uber alles!LOST REICH is a downloadable PDF game set in an alternate history, where the Germans f
Fat Dragon Games post a video previewing Lost Reich which comes out this week.
Fat Dragon Games has releases paper terrain Combat Bunker.From their site:Welcome to the future... Fat Dragon style! E-Z FUTURE: Combat Bunker provides everything necessary for exciting sci-fi gaming.
Fat Dragon Games launches Kickstarter project for a new wargame:From their announcement:Fat Dragon Games has launched a Kickstarter project for our upcoming LOST REICH wargame.
Fat Dragon Games have a new cardstock terrain kit available:From their announcement:Winterhawk Ruins provides you with everything you need to make multi-level modular ruined buildings and structures.
Fat Dragon Games has released their new Ultimate Dice Tower.From their announcement:The Ultimate Dice Tower by Fat Dragon Games is GUARANTEED TO ALWAYS ROLL A CRIT… or some other number.This isn’t you
Fat Dragon Games has an all new model design for Fold Flat buildings. From their site:Fat Dragon's all new 'Fold-Flat' model designs allow you to easily store your models and fold most items flat for
Fat Dragon Games have released the first of their Steampunk paper miniatures - Doctor Drake's Patented Aerial Steam Carriage. From their announcement: Presenting Doctor Drake's Patented Aerial Stea
Fat Dragon Games are retiring their Dragon Tiles range of fantasy terrain tiles. From their announcement: Greetings from the FDG crew. We have decided to retire our entire Dragon Tiles line. We are
Fat Dragon Games have released a 28mm paper miniature sailing vessel called the Sea Dragon. From their announcement: We have just released The Sea Dragon, a 28mm fantasy sailing ship. This ship is a
Fat Dragon Games have posted the first released in their reworked EZ-TILES range of paper terrain - E-Z TILES: Dungeons 1. From their announcement: E-Z TILES has returned and they're better than ev
Fat Dragon Games have released a 15mm paper terrain Bridge set. From their announcement: E-Z BATTLEFIELDS is designed to provide beautiful, affordable tabletop terrain for your next wargame. This 1
Fat Dragon Games will be retiring their Mechbattle City terrain set. From their announcement: Greetings from the FDG crew! In 48 hours we will be retiring our Mechbattle City terrain set forever. Bef
Fat Dragon Games have released E-Z DUNGEONS: Expansion Set 7. From their announcement: We have just released E-Z DUNGEONS: Expansion Set 7 which adds lava, water and sewage flows to your dungeon la