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The Kickstarter campaign is over. You've missed out on all the cool pricing, extras, and specials. Or, have you? Well, if you're looking to get Fateforge, the new setting guide for 5th edition, the
Having one kind of magic at your disposal is nice and all... but why not have a lot more? Fateforge players will be happy to know that there's new Spellcaster's Guide available for the game. It includ
The folks behind Shadows of Esteren are at it again. This time around, it's a new setting guide for Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition. If you're looking for a new, colorful world in which to set your
Fateforge is a new setting book for 5th edition coming to Kickstarter soon. In preparation, a Player's Guide has been posted online for you to check out. See some new feats, some new characters, and p