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Forged in Battle

Forged in Battle is going to have Ratte tanks available at Salute in the West Wind Productions booth.What they have to say about it:We will have 5 P-1000 Ratte tanks ( can I really say tank when this
Forged in Battle has some new tanks available in their WWII line.From the release:This month they increase the fire-power available to the British Armoured Divisions with the addition of the Sherman F
Forged In Battle has gotten the first of their new p1000 Ratte tank in and will be making them available to you soon!From the release:Hi guys we just recieved the first production castings for the P 1
Forged In Battle gives us a look at some new minis for their 15mm WWII line.From the update:New 15mm WWII from Forged in Battle for March 2012A-63 M2 halftrack £15.00B-61 2pdr anti-tank guns £9.75B-63
Forged in Battlea sneak peek at a model currently on the FiB designers workbench. Its a Landkreuzer P1000:From their post:Here is a sneak peek at a model currently on the FiB designers workbench. Its
Forged in Battle releases a set of M4 US Half-tracks:From their post:New from Forged in Batlle a set of M4 US Half-tracks. These models are supplied 'Battle Ready' with random stowage scuplted on to t
Forged in Battle releases a new 15mm halftrack for their WWII line:From their post:Forged in Battle Release a 15mm WWII M3 Half-track .
Forged in Battle releases a new set of German WWII 15mm vehicles:From their post:Resupply your StuG batteries with this new set from Forged in
Forged in Battle releases a 15mm WWII German 251 Command Set:From their post:New from Forged in Battle. A set of 251 command half-tracks including radio communication, telephone laying and ambulance
Forged in Battle releases the Skorzeny's Panzer Brigade 150.From their site:Forged in Battle release Otto Skorzeny's Panzer Brigade 150. This unit saw action in the Battle of the Bulge. It used captur
Forged in Battle december release are available:From their announcement:For all 15mm WWII fans, check out the Decmeber 2011 new releases from Forged in Battle!You will be pleased, that due to the cont
West Wind Productions have sent photos and prices for the September 2011 Forged in Battle 15mm WWII miniature releases.P-71 Sd222 Sd222 x3 £14.00 P-13 PzIB x4 PzIB x4 £18.00 P-22 PzIIF
West Wind Productions have announced the latest 15mm WWII releases from Forged in Battle.F-04 Somua S-35 x 4 £18.00 B-41 M3A3 Stuart x 4 £18.00 P-34 PzIIIM/N (Schurtzen) x 4 £18.00 A
West Wind Productions will be bringing new 15mm WWII releases from the Forged in Battle range to Salute 2011. From their announcement: Don't miss the new releases from the ever popular Forged in Batt