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The saga of the Chronicle of the Throne of Thorns continues with the release of The Haunted Waste, a new adventure for Symbaroum from Free League Publishing. Head into a deep and foreboding land as yo
The other day, we passed the Summer Solstice here in the Northern Hemisphere and so it's officially summer. Time for beach trips (where sand will get everywhere...), and long evenings in the back yard
Gaming is good. Saving money is good. Giving to charity is great. Put them all together and you've got something greater than the sum of its parts. And that's what you have with Humble Bundle. This ti
I know some gamers that like the game systems that they like and those are the ones they're going to play and that's it. And, hey, play the games you want to play and all, but it can sometimes limit w
Getting a gamer who knows and loves a particular RPG system to swap systems can be very, very difficult. I know that for a fact. Well, if you're wanting to try out the Symbaroum world but have had pro
The next adventure in the ongoing The Chronicles of the Throne of Thorns campaign for Symbaroum has been announced by Free League Publishing. It's The Haunted Waste and you can head over to the Free L
Getting into the dark fantasy world of Symbaroum is now easier than it has ever been. Free League Publishing has released the Treasure Hunts in Davokar starter set. With this, your whole gaming group
See the towers of Minas Tirith. Drink Ale at the Prancing Pony. Visit the ruins of Laketown. These are things you can do when you explore Middle-earth in The One Ring, the RPG based on J.R.R. Tolkien'
Getting new players into your game is the lifeblood of any system. So, making that transition from "not playing to new player to veteran" is important. Starter sets are definitely a help, and the folk
The Last Cyclade is the next adventure in the Mercy of the Icons storyline for the Coriolis RPG from Free League Publishing. And if you're in a group that's finished part 1 and have been waiting for i
"A day in the corps is like a day on the farm. Every meal a banquet. Every paycheck a fortune." Of course, sometimes you'll have to go into xenomorph-infested tunnels and clear them out. But that's wh
If you're looking to get one of the core books from one of the numerous Free League Publishing RPGs, now is the time to do it as they're all on sale over in their webshop.
A whole new round of lockdowns has come out recently because of the ongoing pandemic. As such, it's hard to go see your friends to game. Thankfully, there's programs like Roll20 that let you play virt
The next book for Coriolis, the sci-fi RPG from Free League Publishing, is ready to be ordered over on their website. It's The Last Cyclade and it continues the Mercy of the Icons campaign. The new bo
Want to see what Free League Publishing has been working on? Want to get some insight into the thoughts of the designers? Want to just hang out with other Free League Publishing fans? You can this wee
For those wanting to get into the Alien RPG from Free League Publishing but want to ease into it, you're in luck. There's the new Starter Set that's available now. If you're already involved in the sp
This pandemic has really made me appreciate virtual tabletops. I use Roll20 on an almost-weekly basis now, whereas I'd only ever used it once or twice in the previous decade. But, thanks to it, I can
I've never been able to go to the UK Games Expo before. But, since conventions are all online this year, I'll get a chance to go, in a way. Free League Publishing will also be there. And since you can
Free League Publishing is bringing the classic WWIII RPG back to your tabletops with Twilight: 2000. This game has been around for more than 30 years and it's getting an update and big release. The So
Free League Publishing is headed back to the post-apocalyptic world with a new edition of Twilight: 2000. Keep your wits about you and try to survive an unforgiving landscape as the game comes to Kick
I have to say, I don't know what it means to be "mellified." Spellcheck is telling me it's not even a word. So, I'm pretty sure it's bad if it happens to you. And if it happens to a mage, that's gotta
There's a new starter set for the Alien RPG coming in September from Free League Publishing. It's designed to bring new players into the sci-fi horror and tense environments. But Free League is also c
The lands of the north are sparsely populated. Only little hamlets exist surrounded by huge areas of wilderness. This isolation and desolation breeds stories of strange things out there in the dark. H
Gen Con Online is right around the corner. While it won't be exactly the same as being in Indy, it will still be pretty awesome, with events and sales. Free League Publishing will be there, and they'l
I'm not sure what it is about Scandinavia, but they sure do seem to love their dark themes and horror. There's nothing wrong with that, of course, especially if you're a fan of the genre. And if you'r