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Free League Publishing

If you're a fan of the dark fantasy game Symbaroum from Free League Publishing and want to run a game of it, but also wish that you had some extra tools with which to do it, you're in luck. In just ab
Twilight: 2000. No, it's not an RPG based on those sparkly vampire books (which I hear is getting a new book soon, though, but that's beside the point). This is the classic RPG and Free League Publish
Alien. It's one of the most iconic movie series of all time. The space horror/action series is being experienced like never before via the Alien RPG from Free League Publishing. But if you've not gott
Many of you have enjoyed the Tales From the Loop RPG. You've maybe even played the expansion. And you're possibly looking forward to the tv series. Well, soon, there'll be a new way to enjoy this stra
Middle-earth. It's basically the location that set the foundation for "fantasy" as we generally know it today. Well, Free League Publishing, makers of such games as Tales From the Loop and the officia
Many of you have seen Tales From the Loop, the very popular RPG from Free League Publishing (that's being made into a TV show now, I hear). Maybe you've wanted to get into it, but you're not entirely
Sweden. They brought us ABBA, but they also brought us Amon Amarth and Meshuggah (all bands listed here are favorites). We also got Blue Swede, but that's as it may be. What I'm saying is that things
The folks over at Free League Publishing are doing what they can to make sure that the official Alien RPG is accessable to as many gamers as would like to try their hand in surviving in Ridley Scott's
While having premade adventures is nice, I'd say that the majority of you GMs out there are coming up with your own to run your party through. And that's awesome. But there's not always the chance to
No, this isn't about Robin Williams getting transported to the Star Trek universe and being captured by the Borg. And while that's a bit disappointing, the real news is exciting as well. Free League P
The next adventure for the Chronicle of the Crown of Thorns campaign for Symbaroum is now available. It's adventure number four, Symbar - Mother of Darkness. But more than just the book itself, there'
In just under 2 weeks (twooooooooooo weeks!), players will have a new adventure to go on in the epic world of Symbaroum. Free League Publishing has announced Symbar - Mother of Darkness, their next ad
Free League Publishing is adding to their game library. They've got Tales From the Loop. They've got the official Alien RPG. Now, they've picked up Coriolis from Paradox Interactive. What does this me
Free League Publishing and Modiphius are coming together to bring you the official Alien RPG. Based on the horror movie classic of space truckers looking to survive against the terrifying xenomorph, t
In space, nobody can hear you play RPGs. December 10th, Free League Publishing will be releasing the much-anticipated Alien RPG. Head out against one of the nastiest, stealthiest, most ruthless creat
Listening to Meshuggah while typing this seems appropriate. Anyway, Free League Publishing is running a Kickstarter campaign for Vaesen, their new Nordic horror RPG. Scandinavia has a lot of tales and
A new adventure for Mutant: Year Zero is now available from Free League Publishing. The world is in peril again, and it's up to the players to fix it. This book ties the previous adventures, Genlab Al
Free League Publishing has announced that The Gray Death, a new campaign module for the Mutant: Year Zero RPG, will be coming out October 29th. If you've been looking for a supplement that brings toge
If you were going to release a new, illustrated version of one of the classic horror stories based on one of the classic horror monsters, what day would you say would be the best day to do that? "Arb
A new expansion for the award-winning Tales From the Loop RPG is coming in just under a month's time. Free League Publishing has announced Out of Time, a new campaign that, as one would expect, involv
Winter is coming. I realize that's the tag line for an entirely different fantasy world, but it's what's going on here, too. Free League Publishing is running a Kickstarter campaign for The Bitter Re
Those that have been waiting for the release of Mutant: Elysium, the sci-fi RPG from Free League Publishing, your long wait is over. You can head on down to your LGS and grab your copies now. From
It's good to be the King/Queen. Except, of course, you have a whole kingdom to run. And then there's the assassination attempts, dealing with nosey neighbors invading, bratty heirs, and all other mann
The next expansion for Mutant: Year Zero is coming in August. Free League Publishing has announced that Mutant: Elysium will hit store shelves August 1st. So, what can you expect? New Enclave human ch
It's good to be the king... or so they say. There's a ton of stuff you have to take care of and let's face it, you're going to make a lot of people mad in the process and there's always going to be so