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Friends and Foes

A whole new crop of releases are available from CMON. They've got Gizmos, a family-friendly board game. Then there's a pair of Zombicide: Green Horde expansions in the form of Friends and Foes and No
As with the big-box releases for Zombicide, there's a smaller-box expansion that goes along with it. In the case of Green Horde (currently up on Kickstarter), it's the Friends and Foes box. There's so
Polyhedron Collider is also in the interview-y mood and had a chat with Wylliam Judd about Friends and Foes.SourceFrom the post:Friends and Foes is heading towards its final few days on Kickstarter bu
Friends and Foes is a new team brawler board game that's up on Kickstarter. They're in their final week with still a ways to go to get to their goal, but you never know. A big push might get them ther