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You know the old saying, "Waste Knights, want knights." ... Actually... No, that's not it. But incorrect idioms aside, Galakta is running a Kickstarter campaign for Beyond the Horizon, their huge, new
It's a post-apocalyptic Australia, or, as we call it, simply Australia. ;) There's few resources and everyone wants them. You need to make sure that you have them. That's the goal in Waste Knights, t
Longtime readers know I love it when a company posts a rulebook for their games online. You can check out the rules and see if the game's for you. Also, having electronic versions of the book can real
Gen Con's just a couple of weeks away. The show's going to be the biggest it ever has been, and many new games will be making their way into people's hands. Ares Games will be there and they're bringi
Ares Games has announced that they will now be distributing Galakta's games across the world (except for Europe... So most of the world, anyway). This includes titles such as Age of Thieves, Champions