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There's a lot of things lately that have been having 10th anniversaries (myself included). But Amun-Re has us beat by a whole extra decade. And they're celebrating their milestone by having a 20th Ann
Build your map, take control of your tribe, then head out and use that tribe to conquer that map. That's your goal in Tectonia, a new combat board game that's up on Gamefound now.
Mountain climbing is more than just walking up a kinda steep hill for a while. It's a real endurance test of not just your body, but your mind as well. That's what Inside Up Games is replicating with
Four kingdoms. Each lays adjacent to the others with wild lands in-between. The rush is on to acquire the territory. But who will end up with the most and develop it the best? That's up to you to deci
Bring the pages of the popular Dark Horse comic to your tabletops. Mantic Games has teamed up with them to bring you The Umbrella Academy: The Board Game. The world is in danger and only this group of
Looking at the news, it's easy to see how the not-really-all-that-distant future of 2047 might be a wasteland after society has collapsed. It's into this bleak world that you find yourself in Vermin 2
When you've got a really good game, you want to get a really nice version of it. Well, The Castles of Burgundy is widely considered to be a really good game, so Ravensburger and Awaken Realms have tea
Look, we all occasionally look in the mirror and are like, "eh, I wish I could look like something else." And while that costs a ton of money and involves surgery and, like, lots of working out and su
Their name might be 25th Century Games, but they're looking to the past for this one in more ways than one. The classic Reiner Knizia game, Ra, all about the ancient Egyptians is getting itself a new
Bully Pulpit Games is running a Gamefound campaign for Desperation. However, that's not the name of the game. The games they're funding are Dead House and The Isabel. It's just that both games use the
You're just flying along your regular route, transporting cargo, when you end up in a different dimension. You may think, "that's cool," but then the pterodactyls start attacking and you're like, "May
In Bangkok, the Chao Phraya river is a heart of life for many. From floating marketplaces and restaurants to the occasional King's bardge that floats by, everyone is trying to make their living. And t
Japanime Games and Domina Games have teamed up to bring you the Legendary Set of Blade Rondo. Grab your sword and head out into the world to vanquish your foes. The game and its various expansions are
If you're a fan of dark, chilling artwork, then you're probably a fan of Zdzisław Beksiński. And now, you can get an entire board game based around his work. It's Nightmare Cathedral and it's up on Ga
Post-apocalyptic Japan. The world is now ruled by an all-powerful A.I. How will you fit into this world? That's what you need to figure out in Tamashii: Chronicles of Ascend, a new adventure board gam
The popular comic book series, Thorgal, will soon be coming to your tabletops, thanks to Portal Games and Gamefound. Portal Games has announced that they're going to be running a campaign for a cooper
It's all the 51st State you can handle and then some. Portal Games has launched their Gamefound campaign for 51st State: Ultimate Edition. It's got everything from the game, plus an all-new expansion.
Looking to add some new, thematic bounty hunters to your sci-fi RPG? Then you'll want to check out 13 Hunters. It's a new RPG zine full of system-agnostic characters that you can drop right into your
One of the more popular video games in recent times, Total War: Rome is getting a new adaptation coming to your tabletops with Total War: Rome: The Board Game. Gather your centurions, put on your grie
Dense jungle. Oppressive heat. Enemies hiding seemingly behind every tree. An active combat zone. I can't really think of too many places that would be worse to be. For those that fought in Vietnam, t
Next month, Portal Games is collecting everything from 51st State together into one box. It's called 51st State: Ultimate Edition and it's got all that, plus a new expansion. The project is coming to
Vampires. They're not always sparkly. Sometimes, they're dark monsters looking to feed off mankind. In that instance, they must be stopped. And that's your job in Ancient Blood - The Order of Vampire
Modiphius has launched a Gamefound campaign for The Elder Scrolls V: Skryim The Adventure Game. Gather your heroes and adventure across the land, either cooperatively or as a solo experience. Complete
If you were a fan of Lords of Hellas, then there's good news. Awaken Realms has created its spiritual successor in Lords of Ragnarok and set the project up on Gamefound. It's what you love about the o
Unbreakable is the new, stand-alone expansion for Too Many Bones. There's now a new lava mat you can play on, new Gearlocs, new enemies, and plenty more to find out about. Head over to Gamefound and p