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How do the Genestealer Cultists plan on defeating the much more heavily armored, armed, and trained Adeptus Custodes on Terra? Through their specialized tactics in pinning down opponent and wiping the
The space janitors that are the Adeptus Custodes are the best and last line of defense of the Imperium. And their new codex brings with it plenty of updates to their rules, including their Shield Host
Having a 40k army is cool. Having a 40k army that you got for free is cooler. And you could be that lucky gamer as Games Workshop is giving away an Angels of Death army. Head through and find out how
A Genestealer Cult has managed to make its way to Holy Terra. That's what's going on in Shadow Throne, the new box set coming out for 40k this month. To commemorate its release, the exclusive mini fro
The Adeptus Custodes has many sects within it. That includes the Sisters of Silence. They're getting full, official recognition in the codex coming in the Shadow Throne box set. And we get a look at t
I spent much of last week cooking for friends. So, in Necromunda, I'd probably be a Slopper. Though, I hope my friends thought better of my turkey and glazed carrots than just being "slop." This chubb
Never underestimate the power of Space Janitors. The Adeptus Custodes are some of the most fierce fighters in the galaxy. They're here to clean up the Genestealer Cult that's infested Terra. And we ge
"He's got a cannon for an arm" has been used to describe someone who can throw something really, really hard. But in the case of Barik Farblast, he actually does just have a cannon out on the pitch th
Battleforces. That's the majority of next week's pre-orders from Games Workshop. Some for 40k. Some for Age of Sigmar. There's a few other things scattered about, but it's mostly about the battleforce
Quite a lot going on over in the Games Workshop webshop this week. There's <weewoo weewoo weewoo> the new dragons for Age of Sigmar. There's some new figures for 40k. There's Dungeon Bowl. There
It's Dragon Week over at Games Workshop. Seems like a pretty awesome week to have. And while this new set of figures for the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game isn't made up of dragons, they are the Ea
No, it doesn't mean that your dice will only roll 5s and 6s for the entire year. It means you get free stuff. A lot of free stuff. Games Workshop is giving away one of every release they have (well, a
This week, the US celebrates Thanksgiving. And that has become what many consider the official beginning to the Holiday season, beginning with Black Friday and everyone having sales. Well, Games Works
Fantasy miniatures are the focus this week at Games Workshop. They've got one new Age of Sigmar figure and then several kits of made-to-order Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game figures that are made-to
It's not just 40k that's getting new Battleforce Boxes next month. Age of Sigmar is as well. If you're looking to start in on a new faction, they're a great place to begin. Head over and check them ou
Battleforce Boxes give you an army ready to go right out of the... well... box. And Games Workshop has announced 6 new ones for 40k that they'll be releasing soon. Honestly? I'm eyeing that Ork one.
Van Saar is in the spotlight this week over at Forge World. The Necromunda gang is getting three new kits. And they're not just little ones, either, but they're sure to make it so Van Saar's the gang
"They have a cave troll." Not exactly what the Fellowshop wanted to hear while they were trapped inside Balin's Tomb. They had a fight on their hands and so will you when you play Battle in Balin's To
It's Blood Bowl... but in a dungeon. And nobody's quite sure where the ball is to begin with... or where the goals are. It's Dungeon Bowl and it's fantasy sports like you've never played before and we
<whoop? whoop? whoop?> If you're noticing the Giant Robot Alert seemingly unsure if these count, it's because that while, yes, Knights are pretty big when in 40k scale, in Adeptus Titanicus scal
"But Games Workshop just released a Sons of Horus Legion Praetor mini!" I hear you say. And you're right. They did. But this one's in terminator armor. Have yourselves a look.
If you've got your Black Templars already on order, you may be wondering what's coming next week. Well, there's some Age of Sigmar and some Necromunda, but it's mostly the Middle-earth Strategy Battle
This week's pre-orders from Games Workshop include Black Templars, Black Templars, Black Templars, Black Templars, and more Black Templars... ... and the latest White Dwarf.
Friday! Woo!!! And, as always, I'm ready for the weekend. I'm guessing you are, too. I mean, who isn't? And I've got D&D coming up. So, that's always good. But, if I'm going to be sitting through
As is customary, Forge World has their new pre-orders up over in their webshop today. There's two hardcover Horus Heresy books for you. And the first GW figure that I've personally pre-ordered in what