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Games Workshop

Catacombs is the new core box set coming for Warcry and it will take players deep underground into the twisting passages and tunnels. Being a core box, it comes with a lot of stuff, including two warb
A new Blood Bowl season is nearly upon us. And with the new season comes a new box set with two complete teams, including big guys. Want a look inside and prepare your scouting report? That's just wha
Dig in the dark is a gas. Baby, can you dig it? There's countless tunnels underground and you're going to be the one in control of them. At least, you will be if you master Warcry: Catacombs, the new
Games Workshop continues along with their 40k releases in the form of some new Necron and Space Marine releases. There's a new Ctan, new Monolith, new Tech Marine, and more. Have yourselves a look.
Deep down, I'm still a greenskin at heart. And that's why I'm excited about this week's Forge World pre-order of the Mega Bommer for Aeronautica Imperialis. Though, I gotta admit, I know it'd cost a p
warmaster 1 days ago
Nuts! The "whole" game for 40 pounds (at least here in Poland). One model for 60 pounds. I'd rather buy two main boxes.
I know, they call them Codexes, but c'mon... Anyway, we just got the Necrons and the Space Marines, but what's coming up next? Glad you asked. And GW is glad to let you know. Want to see when your 40k
House Orlock is getting a new book for their gang in Necromunda. These salt-of-the-earth gang members are pulled from the working class. There's several new rules to show off that nature, and you can
With a pandemic raging out in the world, many of us have been by to see the doctor this year. Though, hopefully, yours is better than Rogue Doc Arachnos. Whenever they put "Rogue" in front of "Doctor,
What're you up to this weekend? Well, you might want to carve out some time in your schedule to check out the Gridiron & Glory Previews that Games Workshop will be having. They'll be showing off n
Sure, many of us know October 31st as Halloween. But this year, it's also going to be Warhammer Day. Games Workshop even has a special, limited edition mini that you'll be able to order as you celebra
Already got this week's orders already made? Want to know what you can spend your money on next week over at Games Workshop? Head over and see just what's coming up in next week's Pre-Orders.
See what I did there? Anyway, Games Workshop has a whole lot going on in their pre-releases this week. There's the new faction for Age of Sigmar and the huge Mega-Gargant figure. The Necrons get a swa
Bree was the first place that Frodo and his friends ended up after leaving the Shire. Now, you can add some of those first faces they all saw to your collection. Forge World has started taking orders
Mega-Gargants are coming stomping into your armies this weekend (well, being able to order them, at least). What are the rules for adding them to your force and what sort of special abilities do they
Longtime readers will know that my favorite minis are the ones that really kind of skirt the term "miniature." If there's a huge robot or dragon or beast that I can put in my army, I want that. With t
The biggest release (literally) coming out this weekend for Age of Sigmar are the new gargant figures. But beyond just being a giant figure (of a giant), how do they actually play on the tabletop? Tha
With the update to a new edition of 40k and the new codices that are available to pre-order now, the game is changing in many fundamental ways, including a rebalancing and the different basic weapons
It would appear as though, while this week has two new codices for you to pre-order, it's really this upcoming weekend where GW goes crazy and releases a ton of stuff. They've posted up a preview so y
The wait is finally over! Well, the wait for the wait, anyway. You can head over to the GW webshop and pre-order your new Space Marine and Necron Codices for 40k now. You'll still have to wait a week
Not just the way you deploy and advance your troops across the battlefield, Stratagems are ways you can use points to make your 40k army that much more effective. While there are general ones in the c
The Space Marine legions are not simply nameless, faceless soldiers in their armor and helmets. There are many that distinguish themselves to lead their particular chapter. In this preview of the upco
House Escher in Necromunda is this week's feature in the Forge World pre-order section. If you're looking to find some new champions for your gang, they have three completely new figures for you. The
The Crusade system lets 40k players grow their armies over the series of multiple battles. During the campaign, their units will gain experience and can get special honors and even acquire new gear. I