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Last weekend, pre-orders went up for the new Aeronautica Imperialis starter set, including two new factions. This weekend, Forge World has some new Ground Assets for said factions. Pre-orders for thes
When fighting against the Black Templars, it's more likely that you'll be able to smell them before you can see them. And not in the same way as you can with a faction like the Orks. No, they've got a
The new Black Templars codex is coming to pre-order this weekend from Games Workshop. As is their custom, they're showing off previews from inside the book as the week goes on. This time around, it's
Harrowdeep launches the next season of Warhammer Underworlds. It's got a new box set coming, ready to take you right into the action with two new warbands. In this preview, we get a look at said warba
If you think that all Skaven are small and stealthy, you're dead wrong. And a perfect example of why that is will be coming to Blood Bowl pitches soon. Get yourself a look at star player Kreek Rustgou
Card Decks have been a part of Warhammer Underworlds that may have seemed like a barrier to new players. Older gamers have years of cards at their disposal while new players do not. The Rivals system,
Black Templars. Blood Bowl throwback teams. White Dwarf. That's what's coming this upcoming weekend as Games Workshop adds new pre-releases to their website. For further details, head on through.
Need a restock in paint? Want to just get one of everything from the Citadel Masterclass line? Just like winning things? If you've said yes to any of those questions, you'll want to head over and sign
The skies over the battlefields in the 41st millennium are just as filled with war as the ground. In Aeronautica Imperialis, you can fight these desperate, high-speed battles. And this week, Games Wor
I mean, I just knew them as the Eldar. But they're the Asuryani now and they're in the new box set coming tomorrow for Aeronautica Imperialis. In this preview, we get a look at the fighters they'll ha
A new expansion book for the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game is on the horizon. It's called Fall of the Necromancer and we get a look inside it with this preview. Also coming is a new terrain set ca
As Harrowdeep goes under the sea... under the sea... (I can't promise that I won't make that joke on every Harrowdeep post. Sorry), there's some new rules that will come into effect in the game. In th
The new box set for Aeronautica Imperialis is coming up for pre-order this weekend. It holds two new factions for the game. In this preview, we get a look at one of them. It's the Space Marines. And j
Every month, Games Workshop releases a new figure exclusively to their GW stores. This month, it's the Black Templars in 40k that are getting a special figure.
Gaming magazines are an excellent way to fill your day with gaming info. And if you're a Games Workshop fan in any way, White Dwarf is a must. There's a new issue coming out soon and GW's giving you a
The next season of Warhammer Underworlds is going to take players under the sea... under the sea... Now that that's stuck in your head, yes, it's Harrowdeep. In this preview, we get a look at the sett
I don't know. I have mild arachnophobia, but looking at a cyberachnid doesn't give me the same heeby-jeebies that a regular one would. Same goes if I were to spot one in a dark corner of my apartment.
Games Workshop has spread their games all across the world. So much so that they've now served over 1 million customers. To celebrate this in their online shop, they've got a commemorative figure that
The Horus Heresy was fought between the Space Marines loyal to Horus and those loyal to the Emperor. The traitor legions, of course, being equipped just as any other space Marine legions, had Titans.
There's new Aeronautica Imperialis coming next weekend. There's a new starter set, complete with two new factions as part of Saturday's pre-releases. There's also a plushie Nurgling. Because... why no
The last of the new WAAAGH!!! is up and available to pre-order from Games Workshop. The final kits for the new Beast Snaggas in 40k can be ordered now.
We know there's a new Khorne team headed to the pitch in Blood Bowl. We've seen the minis. But what about the stats of those players? That's what we get a look at in this scouting report. Best to know
A new starter set for Aeronautica Imperialis is jetting ever-closer to your tabletop. It's the Wrath of Angels set and pits the Space Marines against the Eldar. In this article, we get a look inside t
It's hard to say "this is a new unit coming to Forge World," because lore-wise, this is actually one of the oldest units around. They're the Destroyer Squads and you'll soon be able to add these radia
Blood Bowl, as violent as it is out on the pitch, attracts a certain type of player. That includes those drawn to the bloodshed, especially, followers of Khorne, the blood god. In this preview, we get