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The ring of power needed to be taken back to Mount Doom and thrown into the fire. Easier said than done, considering all the fighting going on on Middle-earth over that ring. And soon, you'll be able
With the new edition of 40k, a lot of items got upgraded, including weapons. Considering it's a war game, obviously, weapons are a pretty big part of it. So changing how a chainsword or a multi-melta
Games Workshop continues their releases for the Lumineth faction for Age of Sigmar. If you're wanting to add to your collection you got this week, you can get your name down on the list for another ba
Games Workshop has a new character set for the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game available to order over in their webshop. It's Anborn and Mablung. You can go put your name on the list to get these ea
Games Workshop would like you to set your calendars for this Saturday. They're going to be going over the new hotness that is the next edition of 40k and they'd like you to tune in. They'll be streami
Wanting to get yourself a new faction for Age of Sigmar? Looking for something fairly magic-heavy? Like flowing robes and curves? The Lumineth Realm-Lords are just for you. You can pre-order their Bat
A pair of big pre-orders available this week from Forge World. They've got a new Primarch, Lion El'Jonson, leader of the Dark Angels (my old faction I used to play). They also have Book 9 of The Horus
A new iteration of high elves are headed soon to Age of Sigmar tabletops. They're the Lumineth Realm-Lords and Warhammer Community has a look at many of the key figures coming out for the faction.
We've been seeing previews for a while. Now, it's time to go ahead and put your order in. Games Workshop has started taking down names of those of you who would like to get Blackstone Fortress: Ascens
Friday! Woo! My week has gone by quickly because it's been extremely busy. Though I've definitely been brain-tired when clocking out at the end of the day. I'm more-than ready for the weekend. Orderin
Ascension, the new expansion for Blackstone Fortress will be coming out soon. With the game set in the 40k universe, some might be wondering about moving over the figures from it to their games of 40k
In many groups, there's usually the core group of people, and then there's a bunch that sort of orbit around it. They're part of the group, kinda, but they're not really the core. They're people of op
Want to know some of the nuts and bolts about what's coming in Ascension, the last Blackstone Fortress expansion? This is the update for you. It looks into map creation, the stats for the enemies you'
A new expansion for Blackstone Fortress is coming out soon. It's called Ascension and with it will come some all-new foes for you to fight against. If you've been stopped by the Spindle Drones, then y
The pre-orders section of the Games Workshop website sure did get filled out this week. They've got quite a lot going on. There's the new snotling team for Blood Bowl along with a new pitch for them.
Games Workshop is giving you more ways to customize some of your 40k minis. They've got two new upgrade kits for your Space Marines, as well as softcover variants of Horus Heresy books 1 and 5 availab
The new Snotlings team for Blood Bowl is going to be available to order this weekend from GW. Considering Blood Bowl is all about being the biggest, toughest, and fastest, and Snotlings are not known
arcanepretzel 100 days ago
The snotling pump wagon is probably the thing I miss most about WHFB. It's good they're getting used in some form.
There are many kinds of greenskins out there. We all know about Orks and Grots. But even smaller and more weenie than grots, there's the Snotlings. But don't let their small size, weak arms, and squis
You think you live forever. You don't find that profound. You won't think you're so clever when you see a Thunderhawk Gunship flying underground. Yes, it's not their normal habitat, but in the upcomin
Two new sets are available to order for Warhammer Underworlds: Beastgrave over in the Games Workshop webshop. You've got the quick and agile Morgweath's Blade-Coven. Or you've got the big 'n' 'ard Mor
frankeajs 103 days ago
The Link for more information for your Infinity item is broken.
There's not one, not two, but three new starter sets available to order from Games Workshop for the new edition of Warhammer 40k. It all depends on just how many bells and whistles and extras you want
Take to the skies in two new ships for Aeronautica Imperialis from Forge World. Sure, they're maybe not quite as iconic as a Thunderhawk Gunship, but the Arvus Lighters and Vulture Gunships are import
While they're not going to be packing in the stands here in the US for football games, you can still get some gridiron action going on with Blood Bowl. And Games Workshop has announced a new version o
Forge World is once more getting some new figures out to you. After a bit of a hiatus due to the pandemic, they've got new things for you to head over and pre-order. And they're starting off with a ne
<whoop! whoop! whoop!>Giant robot alert! We have giant robot alert here as Games Workshop has a new slate of Adeptus Titanicus pre-orders over in their shop. There's the new The Defence of Ryza