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Renegade Game Studios has opened up pre-orders for the new edition of Circadians: First Light. This set has upgraded art and components from the original, plus new game variants, leaders, and more. He
Great works are a way for rulers to show the power of their country. And you're there to make sure these great works are great, indeed. Wonderful, you might say. They should be Works of Wonder, which
Garphill Games is running a Kickstarter campaign for both Circadians: Chaos Order, as well as the 2nd edition of Circadians: First Light. You can pledge for each game individually or both together. Ev
The various nobles around the kingdom aren't entirely thrilled with spending resources in response to the various attacks plaguing the lands. But, without their help, the fighting will be much more di
The Scythian chieftans are looking to claim the best land for themselves and out-maneuver the others. They will send their troops all across the land, raiding as they go. In the end, however, only one
You've been raiding around the North Sea for a while, probably, in Raiders of the North Sea. At least, that's the idea in the game. But what comes next? What comes after you've raided and want to expl
In the far-flung future, humanity has reached out into the stars, sending explorers all over in search of finding neighbors in our galactic city. And we have done just that. The planet has been found
The year is coming to an end. 2017 has been full of twists and turns. 2018 is looking like it will certainly be an interesting one. Certainly one of potential change. To all of you, I wish you a happy
I wanna rock! ... is a great statement for when you're at a concert (possibly for Twisted Sister, but any good rock/metal band will work). It's not so great when you're on a viking longship and you're
Most orphanages are depicted as cold, desolate places run by horrible people who don't care about the kids there. The Bethel Woods orphanage, sitting in the woodlands of the Alpine Slopes, was differe
Hey everyone! Who wants to go pillage a coastal settlement!? *watches everyone start to cheer* Well then, let's go! garphill games has set sail their Explorers of the North Sea Kickstarter campaign. N
garphill games is going after two birds with one stone in their latest Kickstarter project. They're looking to update two of their games to a new edition and figured putting them together in one campa
Those lazy, hazy, crazy Sundays of summer. We don't have many of them left. It's already noticeably cooler here in Atlanta. You don't go outside and instantly curse.Anyway, we've got a selection of bi
If the Indiana Jones trilogy (no, that's not a typo :P) taught us anything, it's that bullwhips, leather jackets, and fedoras are pretty cool. Ok, but if there's two things the series taught us is tha
Garphill Games are in their final hours over on Kickstarter for their new Raiders of the North Sea board game. They've certainly done well, making over 5x their goal so far. In the game, players are v
garphill games is running a Kickstarter campaign for their Shipwrights of the North Sea board game. They're more than 3x funded with still a little over 2 weeks to go. Go take a look.SourceFrom the ca