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Greater Than Games

Greater Than Games is running a Kickstarter campaign for two roll-and-write games based on Science! (don't be blinded). The first is the Peer-Reviewed version of Compounded. The other is Lab Notes, an
If you missed out on the promos from the Kickstarter campaign that Greater Than Games ran for Spirit Island, then you are in luck. Spirit Island: Feather and Flame puts them all in one package for you
D&D Dungeon Master’s Guide
Greater Than Games is running a Kickstarter campaign for the first expansion for their Sentinels of the Multiverse: Definitive Edition. It's called Rook City Renegades and it's got more of the great,
Area 51. Easily the most well-known secret military base on the planet. But what actually goes on there? Nobody really knows, except for you as a department head there. Your job: reconstruct the enigm
Anyone in the gaming industry knows Flat River Group. They're a major distributor of board games. Well, now they're growing. They've acquired Greater Than Games. Read on for the full press release.
Greater Than Games is running a Kickstarter campaign for a pair of games where players are looking to outsmart the Devil Bunny. You can head over and check out the campaign now. In one, it's Devil Bun
Look, you're not going to get me into the ocean. And it's games like Get Bit that are exactly why. Why go into the ocean where I can be actually bit by a shark when I can simply live vicariously throu
A new edition of the favorite comic-book action card game is up on Kickstarter. Greater Than Games has launched a campaign for Sentinels of the Multiverse: Definitive Edition. It's got new art, stream
Greater Than Games' Sentinels of the Multiverse was a fan-beloved game for quite some time. It came to an end a couple years ago and I know several people who were saddened by its passing. But, just l
You know the drill by now. It's late November. It's time for holiday sales! And Greater Than Game has theirs up and running now. This week only, you can get various games from them for cheaper than us
Who doesn't love a good superhero team up? Your favorite characters join forces to do something that none of them could do individually. Well, that's what we're getting with Greater Than Games and Arc
It's been a day of reopenings, it seems. And hey, that works for me. Greater Than Games is the latest game company that has retooled their shipping process to coincide with social distancing guideline
Break out the spandex bodysuit and your cape. Evil is prowling around and it's up to the costumed superheroes to take care of business. Greater Than Games has launched their Kickstarter campaign to br
Just when you thought that all the issues on Spirit Island were too much, even more is making its way to the shores. More invading forces are coming all the time, and only a concerted effort will keep
While I, myself, am a teetotaler, I can certainly appreciate the craftsmanship and care that goes into a product such as beer. And I can see why people really love to talk about the intricacies of it,
I know. I know. I know. It's Tuesday, not Saturday. But I was a tad busy Saturday, if you didn't notice. ;)So, after flying home yesterday, and then getting around 12 hours of sleep overnight, I'm loo
Gen Con is just around the corner. Very soon, tens of thousands of gamers will be descending upon Indianapolis for the 50th anniversary of the show. Greater Than Games will be there, and they've poste
Well, it seemingly took an eternity, but it is now Saturday.And, as I expected, from the time I clocked out until even now seems to have gone by very quickly. So, by the time I finish this, I guess it
No, you didn't miss some sort of apocalypse. It's still on the way. Or at least, that's what happens in Dubai: Rebuild the Ruins, a new strategic board game from Greater Than Games that's up now on Ki
Man, it is busy over here on this side of the screen. Pretty much all week there's been stuff going on. I'm sure that's part of why it feels like it's really flown by... And I've still not really gott
People love going fast. I mean, rollercoasters wouldn't be nearly as cool if they puttered along at 5mph. We all have that need... that need for large amounts of velocity! Or something. Anyway, the va
Have you ever wanted to get yourself a job in the gaming industry? I know I did for the longest time before I finally landed this gig (and I'm very happy that I got it). Well, Greater Than Games is lo
The gaming industry is, if nothing else, fickle. Some games take off out of the blue, while others don't get as much limelight as many people feel it should. That doesn't mean those games are bad, min
The game's tied. Your team is up at bat. All eyes are watching you from the stands.Here's the wind-up.And the pitch!Bottom of the 9th does away with the "boring" part of a game of baseball and immedia
They say that all good things must come to an end. That includes the Multiverse. Greater Than Games is bringing the Multiverse to an end. But, like in true comic book fashion, they're going out with a