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Guild Ball

The first 5 of the Free Cities Draft players have been previewed. Now you can go and order them over in the Steamforged Webshop. Been itching to add to your teams? (I know I have) Now's your chance.
Another day, another preview of the rookies that will soon be making their way to Guild Ball pitches. This time around, we take a look at Gaffer, who is headed to the Mortician's Guild, and he looks l
Time for another preview of the upcoming rookies for Guild Ball. Each team is getting themselves a new player, and for the Hunter's Guild, that's The Edge... *reads notes* Wait, sorry, they are appare
The Guild Ball teams are getting new rookies. After the draft that was held a while ago, Steamforged has been working on creating the stats for the new figures for their new teams. In this preview, we
Steamforged is looking to move their team production for Guild Ball from the metal teams they used to have to resin teams for the classic Guilds. The Fisherman's Guild will be the next one coming out.
The next batch of new captains is available to order from Steamforged. Guild Ball's teams are expanding their roster of captains, getting a 3rd each (well, except for Blacksmiths, who don't have dedic
Fridaaaaaaaay! Woo! It's almost time to get out there for the weekend and get our gaming on. Just gotta finish up around here and then head out. But, before we do that, we should get some scrumptious,
All the major Guilds in Guild Ball are getting new Captains. But the Blacksmiths don't have specific Captains. They can have any of their Master miniatures be Captain. And if there's a Master, there n
Another day, another preview of a new captain coming for Guild Ball. This time around, it's the Engineer's Guild in the form of Rivet. She's certainly a team player, doling out Reach, Momentum, and fr
Another one of the new captains for the Guild Ball teams has been previewed. This time around, it's Corbelli for the Mason's Guild. He's not one to sit back and let his armor take care of him. He's ou
All of the various Guilds are getting new Captains. For the Brewer's Guild, they need to build back up after pretty much losing... well... everyone, it seems. So, who's going to be leading them in rou
All of the Guilds are getting a new captain in Guild Ball. Some people already have theirs in-hand. *holds up my Hunter and Fish captains* Others are still waiting on previews. If you're an Engineers
Steamforged had come out with a couple new captains for some Guild Ball teams (in fact, I just got mine in the mail yesterday). But what about the rest of the teams? Well, they're getting new captains
Well, it's swung back around to being Monday. Hopefully, your work week won't be too bad, and we can get back to the weekend as quickly as possible. And if we're going to be back at the weekend, and h
Here we get a look at the last couple figures for the Miner's Guild for Guild Ball, the minor guild for the Engineer's Guild.Seriously: Guild, guild, guild, guild, guild... You type it and say it in y
Marky got with Sharon. Sharon got Shiree. She was sharin' Sharon's outlook on the topic of disease. Today we get another look at an upcoming player for the Cook's Guild. In this case, it's their masc
*obligatory joke about the TV show and movie go here**obligatory "adult themed" joke and snickering about the name goes here* So, the Captain of the Miner's Guild is Shaft. We get a look at his stat
Games are continually evolving. As players get a chance to work through the rules and figures, there's always the potential to find something that's not working as intended, or is more powerful, or le
I want to live with a Cinnamon girl. I could be happy, the rest of my life with her. Well, if Guild Ball were real people, the Cook's Guild would be where I'd head possibly for that. They've got a pl
In Guild Ball, every team (except the Blacksmiths, because they have to be different like that) has a mascot that actually plays with them out on the field. For the Miner's Guild, that's Digger, the m
Steamforged has the next preview up for the Miner's Guild, who are the Minor Guild for the Engineer's Guild in Guild Ball. Guild, guild, guild, guild, guild, guild, guild. I just wanted to type that w
Another day, another preview for the upcoming captains in Guild Ball. In this instance, it's the Hunter's Guild. They're getting a captain that, on appearances alone, looks to really play into the "se
Another day, another new captain preview. This time around, the muderous, lumbering, seemingly-slathering-beast-of-a-person Boar is the one they've got on display. The first of the captains to be a ve
Another day, another new Captain preview for Guild Ball. In this case, it's the Fisherman's Guild who is getting the nod. It's Yakai, and she's got very good balance. From the post: Yukai - New
The major guilds in Guild Ball only have two captains apiece. So it can sometimes feel like a "well, I don't like that one, so I'm forced to use this one, even though I'm not a fan of them, either" at