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Hero Forge

Well, yesterday's "I think I'm sick" has become today's "I'm definitely sick." Thankfully, I've got medicine here in the den. Though I am out of soup, so later on will include a foray into the world t
Midweek Snippets time. This week's going by pretty quick so far. I'm certainly happy for that, as it's game again this weekend. So, you know I'm trilled. I came up with some other stupidly ridiculous
We've made it halfway three. We just need to make it the other halfway. Wednesday is here. If we can push ahead, the next weekend will be here before we know it. Best to refill on some bite-sized gami
Hero Forge knows how hard it can be sometimes to get an exact miniature that you want. Be it for an RPG, a hero for a miniatures game, or a custom set of minis for your friends, not everyone has the t
Hero Forge is in their final weekend over on Kickstarter. They've made it rather far past their goal, but there's always more stretch goals to break.SourceFrom the campaign:Hero Forge is a service tha