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This fast week (or so it felt) is coming to an end. We're steaming our way full-speed ahead towards Saturday. Hopefully, you've got some gaming lined up. I've still gotta figure out what I'll be up to
With all the excitement about San Diego Comic Con this weekend and Gen Con coming up at the end of the month, it's easy to perhaps overlook Historicon, which will be next weekend in Fredericksburg, Vi
DND Dice Set - 20x7 (140 Pieces)
The Phalanx Consortium will be at Historicon and will be your exclusive place to pick up Skirmish Sangin from Radio Dishdash.SourceFrom the announcement:The Phalanx Consortium would like to announce t
Play Unplugged posted up another in their series of interviews from Historicon. This time it's Battlefront.From the interview:Play Unplugged‘s Enrico Nardini visits the Battlefront Miniatures booth at
Play Unplugged continues their Historicon interview series with their talk with Sgt. Major Miniatures.From the interview:Play Unplugged‘s Historicon 2013 coverage continues! Andy Turlington takes some
Play Unplugged continues their interview series from Historicon with the talk they had with Warlord Games.From the interview:What would a visit to Historicon be without a little World War II? Play Unp
Play Unplugged's "Uncle" Enrico Nardini was busy at Historicon. Here's his interview with GHQ Models while at the show.From the interview:What more is their that can be said about GHQ? They have been
Play Unplugged gives us another of their interviews from Historicon. This one's with Old Glory Miniatures.From the interview:Old Glory Miniatures has one of the deepest ranges of historical figures yo
Play Unplugged has posted up another of their interviews while at Historicon. This one's with Alien Dungeon.From the interview:Play Unplugged‘s coverage of Historicon 2013 continues! In this episode E
Play Unplugged talks with Daisy Nanton from Wargames Factory while at Historicon 2013.From the interview:Play Unplugged?‘s Enrico Nardini travels to Historicon 2013 in search of all things awesome in
The Phalanx Consortium will be over at Historicon this weekend. You should go and say hello to them.From the announcement:The Phalanx Consortium will be joining our friends at at boot
Miniature Building Authority will be another of the attending vendors at Historicon. You should give Kirk a hug when you see him there. Tell him I told you to do it.From the post:Miniature Building Au
PicoArmor will be at Historicon next week. You should stop by their booth and say hello.From the announcement:PicoArmor will have Oddzial Osmy 3mm and 15mm miniatures and Brigade Models 2mm buildings
Rebel Minis will be headed to Historicon next week. Will you be there?From the announcement:Rebel Minis is proud to announce that we will be attending HISTORICON 2013 (July 18 - 21). We will have a ma
Acheson Creations will be headed to shows in Virginia and Chicago as they go to Historicon and G-Fest XX, respectively. Stop by. Say, "Hi." Give 'em hugs. Tell them I sent you.From the announcement:In
Warlord Games has finished their official Historicon miniature and is showing it off.From the preview:Last week we began the process of designing the special edition miniature for this year’s Historic
Warlord Games is showing off a WIP process for their Historicon 2013 special miniature they're working on.From the preview:We were honoured to be asked to produce the special miniatures for this year’
PicoArmor will be at Historicon in spirit... and also in the Goblin Factory booth.Goblin Factory will be the exclusive retailer for Oddzial Osmy 3mm Modern, WWII, American Civil War, and 15mm Sci-Fi m
Pulp Figures will be at Historicon. Stop by and say, "hi."From them to you:Historicon is this weekend, July 19-22 in Fredericksburg,VA.Bob and Ann Bowling will have the whole Pulp Figures range at the
PaperTerrain will be unveiling their new Oriental Houses while over at Historicon. Go and check 'em out.From the announcement:For years people have come up to me and asked if I had any Japanese or Chi
Miniature Building Authority is headed to Historicon and will be bringing lots of goodies with them.From them to you:Once again it is time for Historicon and The Miniature Building Authority will be a