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Defenses are a new aspect coming to Warmachine/Hordes in MKIV. We got a look at how they work a week ago. Then, you had questions. Now, Privateer Press has answers for you.
One of the new additions to Warmachine/Hordes in MkIV is Defenses. They're new terrain pieces that players can add to the battlefield to help give them an advantage against their opponents. We get a l
Tomorrow, MKIV of Warmachine officially hits store shelves. The anticipation is real. But if you want to go over the new stuff today, you can, as Privateer Press has updated their apps with the new ve
No foolin', April will bring a new starter pack for Dusk House Kallyss for Warmachine. You can get a look at what it contains in this preview from Privateer Press.
It might be the last month of the year, but Privateer Press is already into Spring of next year. They're showing off March's releases in this preview.
The wheels of time roll ever-forward. So, how goes the release of MKIV from Privateer Press for Warmachine/Hordes? That's exactly what we get a look at in this new progress report from the company.
The Widowmakers aren't the only sniper unit within the Khador ranks. There's also the Winter Guard Sharpshooters. They also get a Hunting Dog, which is listed as a Command Attachment. And really, when
Steamroller has been Privateer Press' organized play tourney setting for quite a long time. And since Warmachine and Hordes are going through major updates, it only makes sense that the tourney guidel
The rollout for MKIV Warmachine/Hordes is moving along. There's still some speed bumps in the road, though, that might slow things down a bit. What timeframe can people be expecting updates in? Well,
Coming in February, the Winter Korps Army Expansion is a must-have for Khador players in Warmachine. Get a look at this new bundle in this preview.
No, the Bison isn't an actual buffalo out on the battlefield, as cool as that would be. It's a large tank. And, to keep it running, there's the Battle Mechanik. Get a look at both of these new figures
While the Man of War troops are the undisputed heavy troops of the Khador army, there's plenty of other heavy armor to be found in the various regiments. That includes the Winter Korps. We get a look
Another update about when you can be expecting the legacy armies from Warmachine and Hordes to be hitting your tabletops in the updated MkIV fasion. See what Privateer Press has in store. You can even
Despite a bunch of editorial passes, sometimes, something goes awry and wrong information gets posted online. Happens all the time. But all you can do is address the issue. And that's what we've got w
We're still several weeks from the actual Black Friday, but that's not stopping Privateer Press from getting the party started early. And by "party," we mean a bunch of deals over in their webshop. He
Warmachine is getting itself another new faction soon. With the Orgoth still fresh on everyone's mind, House Kallyss, Empire of the Eternal Dusk, is poised to head to tabletops. Looking for some elvis
Well, more like an update about an update, really. Privateer Press has been working on getting the MkIV releases out for Warmachine and Hordes. The new App is up and running, so you can check out thin
The figures for MiniCrate are run once and then retired. But there's almost always a few extra leftover that don't get sent out to subscribers for whatever reason. Well, if you're wanting to get a cha
The Winter Guard aren't the only part of the Khador army getting new miniatures with Warmachine MkIV. The Man-O-War corps are getting some new figures as well, including these new Suppressors.
The newest edition of Warmachine and Hordes is coming soon. How soon? Well, soon-ish. Privateer Press has a new progress report about how the rollout of this new version of the game is going and updat
Lightning rules the day in the Storm Legion. And if you have a Storm Legion, you need Stormguard Legionnaires. It's basically right in the name. Check out this unit and their standard bearer in this p
Warcasters, on their own, are one-figure armies. Changing one out can change the way the rest of the force plays rather dramatically. Kommnader Savaryn is a Winterguard warcaster coming soon for Warma
Every year, Privateer Press has their special The Longest Night event to celebrate the spooky season. They were going to also celebrate the release of MkIV, but with delays, that's not quite happening
The Orgoth are making their return to the shores of Western Immoren. The ancient evil is back once more and that includes Kishtaar. Get a quick look at her mini and story in this preview of her for Wa
The Storm Legion is the first army that Cygnar is getting focused on with the new edition of Warmachine. In this preview, we get a look at some of the figures, including two solos, with a character, a