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The Orgoth have been the boogeymen of the Iron Kingdoms since the beginning. And now, they're back. What does that mean for Warmachine and Hordes? Well, we get a little introduction into the developme
2022 is only a couple weeks away... ... man, that's a strange sentence to type. Aren't we still a couple months into 2020? Anyway, my temporal abilities aside, Privateer Press is giving us a look at w
You don't have to wait until Black Friday to get Black Friday deals over at Privateer Press. Their Black Friday Sale is happening now. Spend more, save more.
Privateer Press routinely goes over the rules for Warmachine and Hordes and gives some tweaks and turns to make sure the game's working as they want it to. Well, this update is a bit more comprehensiv
Some big changes are coming to Warmachine/Hordes. Privateer Press likes to keep things up-to-date for their game. That includes regular Dynamic Updates. Apparently, a new one is coming and it's going
Privateer Press is going through some of the most famous Warlocks in Hordes and seeing what they were like just as they were getting their start. In this preview, we see what happens when you take an
Privateer Press has been showing off several of Hordes' most powerful warlocks back before they were so powerful. They're the Level 0 Warlocks and the next one is ready for you to check out. It's Circ
Usually, Privateer Press looks ahead to a character's life, giving us the Epic versions of them. But for five warlocks from Hordes, they're going into the past, giving us a look at how they were befor
A bold headline, I know. But another I contemplated was, "A post about nothing" a-la Seinfeld. Either way, Privateer Press is posting an update about what they're working on and actually, a bit more o
It's time again for a little tweak to the Warmachine and Hordes rules. Privateer Press has posted a new Update and Errata list. Though it's a small update, it does deal with Colossals, which are the b
Privateer Press is going back in time in Warmachine and Hordes, showing off some of the powerful characters before they got so powerful. This time around, they're headed to the desert land of the Skor
Just like how Privateer Press has released Epic versions of Warlocks and Warcasters, showing how they've grown since their original release, they're now headed in the other direction. They will be com
Longtime readers know that my favorite miniatures are the ones that stretch the bounds of the term "miniature." The Colossals are just such figures and Infernal players in Warmachine have not just one
Man, October can't get here fast enough. I know we're just past the 4th of July, but I'm ready for spoopy horror and cooler temperatures already. Privateer Press is getting ready for October as well w
Summer storms are a thing where I live. And it's getting stormy out on the fields of Warmachine as well. Privateer Press has posted up their Dev Notes for the latest Dynamic Update that's all about th
<whoop! whoop! whoop!> Giant robot alert! We have giant robot alert! The triggering story is that Privateer Press is showing off their upcoming September releases. That includes stuff for most o
Yes, strange headline, I know. But Privateer Press is insistent that this isn't a Keynote presentation. So, what it is? Well, it still gives a ton of previews of what they're working on for basically
Looking to up your bits collection considerably? Well, Privateer Press is here to help. They're cleaning out the warehouse and are giving you a chance to pick up a ton of minis for a little price. Onl
Steamroller is Privateer Press' tournament format. As part of their regular updates for their games, they've posted their Community Integrated Development (CID. Basically a public beta) of the new upd
The Slaughterhouse is the new Gargantuan Warbeast that's coming for the Grymkin in Warmachine and Hordes. Privateer Press has started taking orders for this new, huge figure. They've also posted up a
It's the last day of the month. Seems as good a time as ever to post this month's Dynamic Update for Warmachine. It's mostly Crucible Guard, but there's some other bits in there. Plus, you get a littl
It's never fun, but it's bound to happen from time to time. Things change, prices change, a the company has to let us know. Well, they don't have to, but it's nice when they do. Privateer Press is cha
Come what May? These figures come May. At least, from Privateer Press, anyway. Let's take a look at some upcoming releases for Warmachine/Hordes, Monsterpocalypse, and Warcaster. <whoop! whoop! who
"What's the best way to get a new player involved in a game?" It's a question we all debate and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. So, it's always good to have options. Brawlmachine is one such o
The Dread Harvest is getting some new solos this month as part of Privateer Press' releases for Hordes. In this preview, we get a look at one of them, the dragoon Isaiah the Dread Harvester. Just what