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Horizon Zero Dawn

A new, mechanical terror is hitting tabletops as the latest expansion for Horizon Zero Dawn makes its way to game store shelves. It's the Rockbreaker set. Just when you thought it was safe to... y'kno
The Rockbreaker expansion for Horizon Zero Dawn from Steamforged Games is due out in February of next year. But Steamforged is already letting you get your name down on the list to pick up your copy w
Look at the happy mechanobear! ^_^ He's so happy. ^_^ Ok, maybe he's ripping and shredding his way through the populace and you should probably put a stop to him. Maybe a hug will do it. One way to fi
Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's... both, really. It's the new Stormbird expansion for Horizon Zero Dawn from Steamforged Games. You can pick up this new set now. Buccaw!
It's a big, happy bear! ^_^ This is my new favorite expansion for Horizon Zero Dawn. It's the Fireclaw expansion and yeah, I know, it's out there hunting down humanity and you need to stop it or somet
Steamforged is bringing you more content for your Horizon Zero Dawn board game. They've begun taking pre-orders for the upcoming The Sacred Land set. Five new enemy types and two new hunters to track
Buccaw! Look to the skies and you'll see a mechanized terror coming at you. It's the Stormbird and it's about to land right on your tabletops in the Horizon Zero Dawn board game from Steamforged. You
Steamforged Games has started taking pre-orders for the next expansion for the Horizon Zero Dawn board game. It's called The Sacred Land and it adds new enemy types, new hunters, new terrain tiles, an
Steamforged Games is really making a name for itself converting your favorite video games into board games. Their latest addition to this line is Horizon Zero Dawn. It was up on Kickstarter. And now i
Steamforged Games has a lot on their docket for the year. What all are they working on and how far have they come on various projects? That's just what you get to see in this post about their previews
The next video-game-turned-board-game from Steamforged is ready to be pre-ordered from their website. This time, it's Horizon Zero Dawn. You can head over and get your name on the list to be the first
Along with Guild Ball, Steamforged seems to be turning themselves into the "popular video games turned into board games" company. Certainly nothing wrong with that. Their latest Kickstarter campaign l
Steamforged is looking to become "The company that makes games based on popular video game series" it seems. Obviously, there's nothing wrong with that (though the last video game I played regularly w