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Impact! Miniatures

Impact! keeps rolling along with their Chibi Dungeon Adventurers Kickstarter campaign. Now they've added on Chibi Ponies extras. Check it out.From the update:We started with just making a Unicorn Chib
Impact! Miniatures got to a new funding goal over on Kickstarter and has unlocked Chibi Cthulhu. Awww, it's mind-alteringly-cute.From the update: Impact's Classic Dungeon Adventurers - Chibi Minis pro
Impact! keeps heading upwards in their funding over on Kickstarter. They've unlocked the Allied Chibi, so next are the Undead Chibi.From the update:Impact! has reached the stretch goal to unlock their
Impact! Miniatures is doing pretty awesome over on Kickstarter with their Classic Dungeon Adventures models. Here's their next stretch goal...From the update:Impact! is pleased ot announce Stretch Goa
Impact! Miniatures just started their latest Kickstarter project. This one is to fund chibi-style classic dungeon adventurers.From the campaign:Impact! is pleased to announce their next miniatures pro
Impact! Miniatures now has pictures of their hockey set over on Kickstarter that are painted up all nice and pretty-like.From the update:Impact!'s Hockey miniature KickStarter is in its final week. We
Impact! continues to do well in their most recent Kickstarter, funding their new hockey player minis. They've now added a net to the set, so the goalie can protect something.Man, I miss playing goalie
Impact! Miniatures is in their final few hours of their Kickstarter and has one more stretch goal to try and make.STRETCH GOAL #4 ($21500) - Spherical D7 or D16 producedIf we reach this goal we will p
Impact! sure does know how to run a successful Kickstarter (and here's how they do it). Well, they're D14/D18 dice campaign has made it to their second stretch goal. So now they're making a D22. That
Impact! Miniatures are the kings of Kickstarter. They've got another one just started up to fund some new Ice Hockey figures they're working on.From the announcement:Impact is pleased to announce that
Another one of the fine gaming industry individuals that I had the pleasure to talk to while at GenCon was Tom Anders of Impact! Miniatures. The main topic of conversation was Kickstarter. Impact! has
Impact! Miniatures has new Platypus models for all your fantasy sports game needs.From the release:Enter the Platypus ("he's just a Platypus they don't do much") ah but like that Platypus this one bec
Impact! Miniatures has added the dice game Dice Farmer to their Kickstarter campaign wherein they're raising funds to make all the even-numbered dice from 4 to 20.From the update:Dice Farmer is a very
Impact! Miniatures now has full dice sets of all the even dice available over on their Kickstarter page (where they're about 1/3 or so to their goal, but still have plenty of time left).From the campa
Impact! Miniatures reached Stretch Goal #2 in their Kickstarter campaign. Here's an update from the mini-makers.From the update:Impact!'s KickStarter for the Little Urban Achievers has reached our 2nd
Impact! Miniatures hates that you really don't have a good way to randomize a 14 or 18 choice roll... so they've decided to come out with D14s and D18s to solve the problem, and they've started a Kick
Impact! Miniatures isn't always about impacts (despite the name). Sometimes they make models with a more chill attitude... like these models. They abide.From the campaign:I was looking for something t
Kraken Miniatures put up the previews for more of their Cthulhh-inspired fantasy sports players over on their website.From the preview:Plague&ChaosTeam coming soon...
Impact! Miniatures is running a Kickstarter campaign to get funding for a Cthulhu Mythos minis set.From the campaign:Impact! is pleased to announce that their Necronomicon: Cthulhu Mythos miniature se
Impact City is a new roller-derby-inspired board game by Impact! Games and they're looking to get some funding together for their project. Check it out and if you want, pledge some money to get a new
Impact Miniatures previews new Ape miniatures for the Apes of Wrath. From their preview:Chimpanzee running... One of the two chimp sculpts. Sculpted by immensely talented Patrick Keith.Orangutan Throw
Impact! Miniatures is proud to release their next Rollerderby team, the Voodoo Barbys.From the update:Impact! Miniatures is pleased to release the Cargo Cult Helmeted Voodoo Barbys Roller Derby team.
Impact! Miniatures has some new rollerderby figs, the Voodoo Barbys, in their webstore.But if you don't like how I put it, maybe you'll like how they did:We have added the Voodoo Barbys from Cargo Cul
IMPACT! Miniatures is now selling laser-cut wooden benches for your "Fantasy Football" pitch or just any terrain needs.What? You don't believe me? Well, fine. Be that way. But the makers back me up on
Impact! Miniatures announces their new Elf Cheerleader.From their announcement:The new elf Cheerleader from Patrick Keith. She will be produced later this month along with several other new minis incl