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Iron Kingdoms RPG

The Nightmare Empire is the new book coming out soon for the Iron Kingdoms RPG from Privateer Press. Of course, Cryx is known for their unique jacks, the bonejacks and the helljacks. We get a quick, s
You ever have a restaurant or food that you really love? I mean REALLY love? And then you can't get it anymore and you're super bummed about it? That's where you find yourself in Spider House Rules, a
It's a cliche that gamers can get overly worked up when telling others about their RPG character. But, in this instance, it's a good thing. Privateer Press wants to hear about your Iron Kingdoms RPG c
If you're looking to be one of the most heavily-armored troops out there on the battlefield, you'll want a suit of Man-O-War armor. And if you're in an Iron Kingdoms RPG game and want it, you'll need
Adventuring Companies can be a great boost to an adventuring group that's able to get hired on and work in their good graces. Or, they can be nefarious foes if you get on their bad side. The Royal Nav
The Nightmare Empire is the next Iron Kingdoms RGP book coming from Privateer Press. In this first look, we see a new class, the Raider, and a bit about what it has to offer for your party.
Looking for a quick encounter to throw at your low-level Iron Kingdoms RPG players? Privateer Press is here to help. They've posted Mawg Day Afternoon, a new Pendrake Encounter. You can go check it ou
The Doom Reavers were one of the first things I saw for the Iron Kingdoms and, honestly, what got me into the setting to begin with. And now, if I were in an Iron Kingdoms RPG game, I could play one.
"Every July, peas grow there... Do you really mean that?" Yes, if by "peas" you mean the new releases from Privateer Press. And that's just what we're getting a look at here.
Privateer Press has a new Pendrake Encounter for you to drop into your games of the Iron Kingdoms RPG. The Iron Kingdoms are all about clockwork, and that includes robots that have gone rogue. Head on
The latest books for the Iron Kingdoms RPG are now available. And if you order this month (March, just to be specific), you get a free pdf version of the book as well. It's the best of both worlds, ph
Privateer Press has a new Pendrake Encounter scenario up on their website. Need something quick and easy to plunk right into your next Iron Kingdoms RPG session? Look no further. Head on through and c
Privateer Press has posted a new Pendrake pencounter... I mean, encounter, up on their website for you. This time, it's Skiggs on a Train. I know my Articifer would be all for that. They're obsessed w
All puppies are babypuppies. From newborn babypuppies all the way to 15 year old, 2-headed, several-hundred-pound babypuppies. But... not all babypuppies are friendly babypuppies. It's tracking down a
The winter holidays are a time full of joy and peace, but just underneath it all, there's a definite bit of horror and the macabre going on. Especially in Western Immoren. The Grim is your foe in the
The next batch of books for the Iron Kingdoms RPG is up for pre-order from Privateer Press. If you missed the Kickstarter campaign but still want to make sure your name is down on the list to get thes
Privateer Press heads back to the bayou for another Iron Kingdoms RPG encounter. This time, the party is in-between rivalries as a bog trog looks to free his people from being controlled by gatormen,
Privateer Press is looking to expand the Iron Kingdoms RPG over on Kickstarter with several new books. They've made it past their goal and are into stretch goals. To help things go along, they're show
Privateer Press is giving you a new encounter that you can drop into your games of the Iron Kingdoms RPG, even as you eagerly await the new releases that are part of their currently-running Kickstarte
The Iron Kingdoms started out as a module for D&D. The most recent iteration of the game has gone back to its roots. And now, three new books are coming to help expand your games. They're collecte
There's a new batch of Iron Kingdoms RPG books that are going to be hitting Kickstarter soon. In preparation of its launch, Privateer Press has been interviewing the various authors that have worked o
Privateer Press has been taking time to stop and talk with all the authors that worked on the upcoming books for the Iron Kingdoms RPG. Their series continues with AJ Beamu. What'd he bring to the par
Privateer Press has been steadily interviewing all the authors that have worked on the Iron Kingdoms RPG. The series continues with a chat with Chris Miller. What sort of experience and insight does h
Three new books will be making their way to Kickstarter soon. They're the next three books for the Iron Kingdoms RPG. They'll take the focus away from the specifically human nations and head out more