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Island of Bees

Looking to get your character into more skills than just "murder" and "plundering"? Maybe some crafting? Then Krillo's Guide For the Adventuring Artisan is the RPG supplement for you. The book is up o
While it seems like a lot of people might actually welcome an apocalypse, there are those that are looking to stop it. That's you in This Didn't Happen. You and your other time-traveling friends are l
We all know, "pics or it didn't happen." But when you're trying to stop the apocalypse, making sure there just aren't any photos around is only part of it. This Didn't Happen sees players jumping thro
Island of Bees has launched their Kickstarter campaign for Westbound, their new RPG. Though this isn't Sergio Leone's west. This world mixes the wild west with classic fantasy. So you can have Elf She
If it's Eastbound and down, I guess it'd be Westbound and up. At the very least, Westbound is a new western-themed RPG from Island of Bees. The setting is a mixture of classic fantasy RPG elements lik