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Japanime Games

Grab your headband, practice your favorite jutsus, and get ready to run with your arms stretched out directly behind you. The ninjas are hitting the arena floor in Naruto: Ninja Arena. This new compet
Grab your headband, warm up your jutsus, and get ready to run with your arms stretched out back behind you, Japanime Games will soon be taking pre-orders for their newest Naruto game, Ninja Arena. The
Who's next up in the sale announcements? Japanime Games is. You can head over and get 25-75% off their games now.
Grab your headbands, put on your best orange top, brush up on your jutsus, and stretch your arms so you can run with them directly back behind you, Japanime Games has announced they're teaming up with
Usually, in a game involving Cthulhu and the other Great Old Ones, you're trying to stop them from taking over the Earth and destroying everything. But in Kamigami Battles: Rise of the Old Ones, you a
LionWing Publishing and Japanime Games' latest project has launched over on Kickstarter. It's called Gun and Gun (one more, you'd get Trigun). Players must grab their best weaponry and duel it out for
I mean, if you have a game about deities and such fighting against one-another, it's only inevitable that you eventually get around to adding The Great Old Ones, right? Some might say that this expans
Champions are fighting for their country. Each has their own special ability. But showing off said ability also shows off their weakness. It's a fine balancing act as they Champions look to defeat one
Ramen. For many, it's a quick, salty meal that costs maybe a quarter. But real ramen is just so... oh man, there's very little that's like a really well-done bowl of real ramen. And while I'm not able
Often, the super heroes underestimate the foe that they're fighting. They go in, ready to serve out justice, but get blasted back. But heroes never give up. They regroup, reconfigure, restrategize, an
The heroes don't always win the first time out. They might run into a baddie that's just too tough and sends the heroes packing. But the heroes never give up. They regroup. Plan some new strategies. M
With Gen Con going online, everyone's able to participate in the great deals and specials that companies are running this weekend. Japanime Games is included in that group, and so you can head over an
The city is filled with superheroes, their sidekicks, and the various villains that are looking to destroy everything. And it's into this world that you find yourself in Tokyo Sidekick, a new cooperat
The time flies by so fast. You see a game launch and before you know it, 10 years has gone by. *sniffle sniffle*Such is the case for Tanto Cuore, the game of finding true love from Japanime Games. If
Clean the house. Find true love. Tanto Cuore has been around for 10 years now. Almost hard to believe, I know. Well, Japanime Games and Arclight Games are celebrating this momentous occasion with a sp
Japanime Games has tested releasing digital versions of their games before. But now, they're going in full by announcing Japanime Digital. Considering the world right now and how social distancing is
Alternate Souls is a new game from Japanime Games that combines aspects of both card games and miniatures strategy games in one place. Players are looking to send their armies forth across the map, gu
As I mentioned, a lot of different countries rolled out new regulations and closures during the outbreak. Japanime Games is being affected by these new orders and have temporarily stopped shipping pro
One of the things about everyone not being able to go out is that a lot of local businesses aren't able to stay open during this time. Either they're sending their workers home or there's nobody to co
Big Eyes, Small Mouth lets players dive into their favorite anime and become part of the action like never before. The latest edition of the game, the new 4th edition, is available to order now from t
The wreck of a massive ship, sent from an advanced civilization, has been found. Different adventurers, research teams, and more have tried to investigate the area, but none have been ever heard from
One of the original anime RPGs is getting a new edition. Big Eyes, Small Mouth (often also called BESM) is going into its fourth edition. This new version is brought to you by the teaming up of Japani
Japanime Games and Dyskami Publishing are joining forces to bring you some more games based on the fan-favorite anime, Sailor Moon Crystal. The two are partnering up on a distribution deal, with new g
Japanime has a whole anthology of games up on Kickstarter now. It's called The Domina Anthology, and it spans through Argoat, Miraris, and Pralaya, a trio f card games that you can play in a row, or s
Japanime Games has announced its next Kickstarter. And it's not just for one or two games, but an entire set of three, forming the Domina Anthology. They're Argoat, Miraris, and Pralaya. Japanime has