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Job Opportunity

Games don't just form, fully-created from the minds of designers. They have to go through rigorous playtesting before they can make their way to your game tables. Dog Might Games is looking for players out there who will help them make sure that their games are all that they can be. Send in your application and you might be testing out the latest and greatest.
I am not good at writing stories. Well, I mean, I can write news stories semi-ok, and articles about games, but when it comes to an actual story, I'm not so hot. But if you are, and you'd like to write for Wyrd, they're seeking a new Freelance Writer to join their team.
Maintaining websites is hard. Trust me, I know. And I'm basically at the stage where I think computers are run by little gnomes and sprites that sometimes go on vacation or have a coffee break, so everything stops working for seemingly no reason, only to start back up again also for seemingly no reason. If you're much more tech-savvy than me (and that doesn't take much), then maybe you should apply for the Web Professional job that just opened up at Privateer Press.
Well, one of the "dream job" openings that you don't see often in the gaming world has become available. Wyrd is looking for a miniatures game designer to add to their team. Do you think you have what it takes to work with one of the leading miniatures games out on the market? If so, get your resume together and apply now.
Would you like a job in the gaming industry? Maybe you don't feel you're cut out for game design, or you're not interested in doing warehouse work, and your painting game isn't quite up to par. There's still opportunities for you. Talk Wargaming is looking to add to their team, hiring for such positions as Advertising Sales and Content Seeker. If you think you'd be the right gamer for the job, send in your application.
With all the releases that Warlord Games has been having lately, there's a lot of people out there talking about them. But they want that word to spread further. Plus, keeping up with social media is a huge undertaking. Trust me, I know...
Anyway, all that being said, Warlord's hiring a new Social & Digital Media Coordinator. You might just be the right gamer for the job.
Gee, seems that Warlord Games is stocking up on all sorts of help! In this case, they're looking for a digital sculptor. Now, I need a drafting machine and a set of French curves to make a stick figure, and I think that computers are run by gnomes and sprites. So I don't think you have to worry about me as competition for this job. But you do have to worry about all the other talented digital sculptors out there.
Do you work well with metal? Do you want to be part of one of the largest miniatures companies out there? Would you go to a bean-eating movie with George Wendt? If you answered "Yes" to at least 2 of those questions, Privateer Press just might be wanting you. They're looking for a new metal caster and are taking applications now.
I know many of you out there would love to break into the world of gaming. It's not easy. There's not a ton of jobs out there to be had, and when one shows up, a lot of people tend to apply. But you never know, you might be just the gamer that Warlord is looking for. They're on the hunt for an artist to help with Beyond the Gates of Antares, as well as a UK & EU Events Coordinator.
Do you want to get involved in the gaming industry? Do you like working with your hands? Are you willing to relocate (or are already in) the Seattle area? If you answered "yes" to these questions, you might just be the person that Privateer Press is looking for to add to their team as a new resin caster.
Do you words good? If you want to words good for White Dwarf (I really shouldn't have to describe what White Dwarf is at this point, but for those of you just joining the gaming world, it's Games Workshop's magazine about all things GW), they are looking to add to their staff. Just send in a letter of interest as well as a small writing sample and you might be hired.
Want to get into the gaming industry? Well, if you're in England or America (or willing to relocate), then Battlefront has a couple positions open. In the US, they've got a Customer Service Rep and an Accounts Manager. And over in the UK, they're also looking for an Accounts Manager.
Many of you out there would love to get in the gaming industry as your profession. But not everyone has the art skills for a concept artist or in graphic design. Maybe you don't quite have the talent for game design. But if you're good at making molds or creating models, there's a space for you with Privateer Press. They are looking for both a Resin Mold Maker as well as a Resin Caster.
For me, I need a drafting machine and a set of French curves to make a stick man. It's even worse when it comes to digital art. MS Paint is about as far as I get. So you don't have to worry about me sniping the Corvus Belli Graphic Designer job out from underneath you. But if you don't want anyone else to do it, either, you'd better send in your portfolio.
Want to be part of the gaming industry? Well, here's one of those fairly rare opportunities. Plus, it's for Game Developer, one that a lot of people are looking to get. Shades of Vengeance is looking to add to their team, and you just might be the right person.
Wyrd Games is looking for a new game designer to join their team. This is one of those "big jobs" that everyone's looking to get in the gaming industry. I'm pretty sure all of us have at least one game design in our heads, and some pretty strong opinions on what constitutes good game design. Well, it's time to see if that can get you a job. Get your resume together and send it in.
Are you a really good colored-goop slinger? I am not. My painting skills were never that great and have certainly atrophied over the years due to disuse. But if your painting is of the level that other gamers drool over it (make sure to seal your figures well...), then Privateer Press might just have a spot for you on their team. They're looking for a new Studio Painter.
Something a little different for you to put in an application for with this one. Privateer Press is looking to hire a new Hobby Specialist and Terrain Maker. So if you're not really one for rules-making, or don't particularly think you're good at coming up with concept art, you might check this one out if you're good at putting together figures and making terrain (gross oversimplification is gross).
Wyrd Games always has a special sale around this time of year. And this year is no different. They've got quite a lot of figures available for special prices, along with alternate-pose minis. But this update also includes changes to their Guilder Store, as well as an announcement about a job opening.
Mantic Games is looking to add to their team. They are in need of a new Events and Organized Play Coordinator. If you're very organized, detail-oriented, and able to take care of multiple tasks at a time, all while making sure Mantic's organized play program is the best, then you're just what they are looking for.
So, you've seen all these cool, new games and such that are coming out and you're thinking, "I want to be a part of that! ... Also, I need money!" Well, you could theoretically get two birds with one stone by joining up with Osprey Publishing, who is currently hiring. They're currently looking for a Marketing Designer, a Games Assistant, a Games Marketing Executive, and a Production Assistant.
I know. I know. "Lone Wolf." "Doesn't that mean you just do your work on your own?" Not really. The makers of HeroLab are looking to add a new Web UI/Front-End App Developer to their team. Considering I think that computers are magic boxes filled with gnomes and sprites, I think I'm out when it comes for that job. But maybe you'd be able to do it.
Mantic is looking to bring someone new onto their team. They know that organized events and tournaments are extremely important when it comes to growing and maintaining a player base. As such, they're looking to bring on an Events & Organized Play Coordinator. If you're good juggling a couple different items going on at once, and a good planner, and want to increase Mantic's presence in game shops and clubs, you just might be the right gamer for the job.
Well, maybe you saw the previous job opening from Fantasy Flight Games and though, "I'd like to work in Marketing, but I don't want to move to Minnesota." Well, how about being in charge of Marketing for Corvus Belli? They're hiring a Promotions and Marketing Manager.
The folks up in the frozen north (that'd be Minnesota) are looking to add to their team. Fantasy Flight Games is looking for a new Marketing Writer. Do you have good communication skills? Can you type well? Do you want to join one of the biggest gaming companies in the world and help them sell their games? Then you might just be the right person for the job.