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Journeys in Middle-earth

Over the weekend, Games Workshop showed off a ton of new stuff coming for the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game. And, conveniently, they've collected all of said previews in one place for you. Head th
Two new products are coming for Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-earth from Fantasy Flight Games. One's a new downloadable campaign while the other is a figure pack with new minis for the villain
Two new releases are available from Fantasy Flight Games. There's the new Spreading War expansion for Journeys in Middle-earth. They also have the Valkyrie expansion for Marvel Champions now on store
Fantasy Flight will soon be releasing Spreading War, the new expansion for Journeys in Middle-earth. In it, several new heroes join the side of light. We get a look at these character in this new prev
The conflicts in Middle-earth are growing in intensity as dark, nefarious actors work in the shadows to sew discord. It's stopping these dark deeds that you will attempt in Spreading War, a new expans
A new adventure as well as a new expansion for Journeys in Middle-earth are now available from Fantasy Flight. You can download the Haunting of Dale and try out 13 new adventurers on a new, branching
Middle-earth has no end of adventures for those wanting to seek them out. Plenty of dark places are inhabited by ghosts, ogres, goblins, and more that are ready to harass the everyday folk. Best if an
Fantasy Flight has a pair of new releases available now online and down at your LGS. If you're looking for a new, one-of-a-kind deck for your KeyForge collection, Mass Mutations has released. Meanwhil
There are many out there in Middle-earth that look to face off and defeat the forces of evil. In Shadowed Paths, a new expansion for Journeys in Middle-earth, players will have some new options for wh
You might think that taking a walk through the woods would be calming and relaxing. However, that's not the case when one heads into the Mirkwood. You think happening across a regular spider web strun
Fantasy Flight Games is rolling out more digital assets for their games. In this case, it's Journeys in Middle-earth. They have released the new Adventure Mode. This lets you link your various games t
Two ends of the spectrum for this batch of releases from Fantasy Flight. On the one side, you've got the cooperative fantasy board game from the Lord of the Rings franchise, Journeys in Middle-earth.
Characters at the start of the story will (hopefully) have changed by the end of the story. They go through a whole arc, growing as they learn more about themselves and the world around them. The char
Many of Fantasy Flight's games are accentuated with an app that enhances your gaming experience. One nice thing about doing that is Fantasy Flight can then release new adventures as downloads for said
There are many dangers in the world of Middle-earth. But for every danger, there's a hero waiting to cut it down. In this preview for the upcoming Journeys in Middle-earth board game from Fantasy Flig
While Middle-earth has places like the Shire or Rivendell that are nice places to kick up your feet and relax, there's also plenty of places where you need to make sure you have your sword, axe, or bo
An evil is brewing in Middle-earth. And I don't mean that orcs have opened up a microbrewery and are selling Orcish Ale (it has chunks of meat in it!). No, Something far more sinister is afoot. And it
If there's one thing that people do in Middle-earth, it's go exploring while out on an adventure. They're just going from one place to another all the time. And in Journeys in Middle-earth, a new boar
The forces of the evil Sauron are massing. The lands of Middle-earth are threatened by a great darkness. Only by banding together can the free peoples of the land stop these terrible plans. And that's