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Kalidasia Fleet Commander

The week continues to chug along. Hopefully yours has gone relatively easily. Mine's certainly been busy. It might not look like it, but it's been fairly hectic on this side of my screen. Writing post
It's been a very busy morning here at CMON Expo 2016. But the phone needs a bit of time to charge, so I'm coming here to recharge as well. Time to fill up on some bite-sized gaming stories.Today we ha
I'm back in the office today (worked from home yesterday). Doing my best to get back into the swing of things after being in Chicago last week. At least it's a short week (seeing as it's already Wedne
Space. The final frontier. These are the news posts of the website T.G.N. Our mission, to bring you the latest in gaming news. In this case that happens to be that Kalidasia Fleet Commander is now ava
The week's half-over. There's a chance for more ice here in Atlanta. And it's some for some more of the bite-sized stories we've found over the past couple days.This time we've got: Sector Commander A
Kalidasia Fleet Commander, the new board game in the Kalidasia universe, is up on Kickstarter and looking for funding. Take command of your own fleet of starships, transports, and other craft and decl
Kalidasia Fleet Commander is a new way to play in the Kalidasia universe. Play as either the besieging Surakari or the besieged Heragul in this asymmetric game of planetary invasion. Initial informati