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Can you believe that Shadows of Esteren is already 8 years old?*snifflesniffle* They grow up so fast!
"Always have the right tool for the job." It's words to live by, especially if you're an adventuring party going into some deep, dark dungeon somewhere. A character's magic items can be just as much a
You know, we have a giant robot alert, but we don't have a giant monster alert. You'd really think that'd come in handy. Oh well, if we put one in, I can test it by posting this story again, because g
And we've swung back around to Monday. I had a great weekend of gaming, playing D&D both Saturday and Sunday. Good campaigns, both of them. One was actually started because if we're playing D&
The railroad boom of the 19th century saw different rail companies racing to open up the west, completing routes between the few and far-flung population centers. In Mini Express, you get to relive th
I remember loving riding my bike as a kid. And, of course, I have my fair share of stories of wipe outs as well trying to do some stupid stunt. Well, I eventually stopped biking, but some people never
Even at the best of times, I'm sure many of us wish we could be magically transported to a fantasy realm. And right now? You bet your sweet bippie I would love to just snap my fingers and end up in a
Western exploration of the US was a hectic time. Towns were popping up all over. Rainways were connecting them. The law looked to keep up with it all. And that's what you'll be recreating in Oak &
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Project was canceled today.
The colonization of the West Indies was rather rapid, with various powers looking to build forts, fill it with colonies, and make another. It's that rapid pace of exploration, building, and population
Crisis at Steamfall lets you slowly build up your character as you head around a new city each time you play. The Genesis expansion adds to and refines the game, giving you lots more options as you're
You know I love a good bluffing game. If there's simultaneous play of some kind, I'm generally in. And that's what you get in Ambal Tournament, a new card game that's up on Kickstarter now. It's expan
Let's get some appropriate music playing. There we go.
Is there anything as liberating as being the captain of your own ship? Well, I suppose you could be liberating others of their goods, heading from port to port, being pirates, swashbuckling everyone y
You've remembered everything in the Forgotten Realms. You've added a bit of color to Greyhawk. You've tinkered around in Eberron. You're looking for a new setting to set your game. How about Fading Em
If you're a DM, you've got a lot of work to do creating a campaign. Gotta come up with the world, the story, the encounters, the NPCs... or, you could have someone else do all that for you. Enter The
Fellowship Games and Punga Miniatures are teaming up to bring you a new fantasy football team for your tabletops. It's the Undead Buccaneers. Want some pirate vampires? Maybe some mummy pirates? You c
Ekphrastic Beasts is an artist-created compendium of monsters for 5th edition that's up on Kickstarter now. They say that a picture's worth a thousand words, so the people behind the book decided to g
Ok, so, we don't -technically- have to stay just in our own homes during this pandemic. As long as we're maintaining social distancing, we can still go out and do some stuff. If you're the only one ar
Enter the Bronze Age with the new expansion for Rise of Tribes. It's called Beasts and Bronze and as the name suggests, you can now gain bronze resources as you play. There's also, as the name also im
Having some pre-made adventures makes the life of a DM easy. Just open the book and go. You can have some amazing fun with your party with minimal prep. And there's three new, connnected adventures up
Are you ready for some high-flying, pulse-pounding, chi-focusing action of the martial arts world? If you are, then you're ready to check out Dragon Fighters. It's a new fantasy RPG that focuses on hi
Enjoy Steampunk Rally? Want more? Don't know about Steampunk Rally, but the idea of building your own steampunk racer and shooting around dangerous racetracks entices you? Well, then you'll want to ch
Most tabletop games we cover here on TGN are a board game or a card game. There's occasionally a dexterity-based game, but they are pretty rare. StrikeZone is a bit more than even a dexterity game, as
patelhiralh16 27 days ago
Awesome Game! Worth the buy!!! ⚾️
patelhiralh16 27 days ago
Awesome Game! Worth the buy!!! ⚾️
Guards of Atlantis let players play out their favorite MOBA-style gameplay on the tabletop with no luck involved at all. No dice. No decks. Just skill vs. skill. Now, Guards of Atlantis II: Guard Hard
Peter Pan. J.M. Barrie's classic tale of a boy who never grew up and his exploits versus the notorious Captain Hook. It's been a cherished story for generations, and soon, you'll be able to experience