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Kill Team

The new Kill Team box set comes with lots of Orky terrain for your tabletop. And if it was just a preview of how the pieces look, that'd make for a regular Terrain Corner entry. However, in this previ
The new edition of Kill Team rebuilds the game from the ground up. We've seen a lot of previews about minis and how attacks work and such, but what about the fights themselves? Will you just be throwi
You know how they fight, but how do you get them together? That's what we get a look at in this preview for the new edition of Kill Team. There's no point totals, so how do you know what you can take?
Kill Team, Games Workshop's sci-fi minis skirmish game, is getting a new edition. This new version was basically recreated entirely from its previous iteration. In this preview, we get a look at the n
While there's plenty of high-tech ranged weaponry in the 41st millennium, sometimes you gotta just drive your tank up closer so you can whack your enemy with your sword. Kill Team is getting a new edi
"About as deadly as a flashlight" is the joke often told about lasguns, the main armament carried by Guardsmen in the 41st millennium. And while they're not exactly lascannons, they can do some damage
A new edition of Kill Team is just about ready to hit your tabletops. The whole system is getting an overhaul. In this preview, we get a look at the Datacards that units will have. Wonder what those d
The next game after Age of Sigmar that's getting an overhaul in the Games Workshop line is Kill Team. The sci-fi skirmish game has a new version on the way and in this preview, we get a look at a broa
This week's pre-orders from Games Workshop focus around the new big-box release for Kill Team. It's the Pariah Nexus set. But that's not all. There's new 40k sets for the Space Marines and Necrons as
Killing machines of ancient origin, the Necrons have had a lot of time to create the perfect weapons. In Kill Team: Pariah Nexus, the new box set coming soon, they'll have some new rules and upgraded
Games Workshop has a new crop of releases available to pre-order most Saturdays. So, what's coming this Saturday? Well, plenty if you're into Kill Team, 40k, and Necromunda. Have yourselves a look-see
Primaris Workshop... I mean, Games Workshop has a preview of some new Primaris Marines coming in the Pariah Nexus set for Kill Team. Have yourselves a look at the Heavy Intercessors.
40k, but skirmish sized, Kill Team will be getting some long-anticipated expansions this year. In this first preview of the series, GW takes a look at Space Marines and Necrons and what some of their
Games Workshop has a trio of new books related to 40k for you to order in their webshop. Well, not just books, but a whole bunch of stuff, but the main focous is on the books. Starting off, there's th
Some new box sets are availble to pre-order from Games Workshop over in their store for some of the spin-off games from 40k. There's a new Kill Team starter that pits the Space Marines against the Tau
Games Workshop is expanding Kill Team, their skirmish version of 40k. The new Kill Team: Elites book is available to order now. There's also a trio of new crews that you can get your hands on, includi
Getting along and playing for a common goal is all well and good, but sometimes you just wanna smash heads and take out your opponent's forces with extreme prejudice. Well, that's where Kill Team: Are
Troops on the field will only be so good without a commander. You need someone who is able to read the battlefield, know where to go, what to do, and how to engage the enemy. Games Workshop is bringin
Games Workshop is filling up their pre-order page over on their website. They've got some new 40k, some new Kill Team, some new Warhammer Underworlds, and even more up for order. Arguably the biggest
Rogue Trader. That name takes us old grognards back. I personally never played that edition of 40k, but I've certainly heard a lot about it. And the name has lived on through Games Workshop's life. No
When it comes to Games Workshop, everyone wants to know what they're working on. What's the next focus for 40k and Age of Sigmar? What sort of secondary games are they fiddling with? When can we get m
This Year of New Editions is coming in all forms. In this case, a beloved book and film series is getting a reboot. Games Workshop is taking pre-orders for the new rulebook for their Middle-earth Stra
Games Workshop is bulking up both of their latest games with this week's pre-releases. For those that have picked up Kill Team, there's some new starter sets, including Tyranids and the Imperium (plus
A lot of this could theoretically go in today's Terrain Corner as well, but we'll get to that. Games Workshop has started taking orders for Kill Team. What is Kill Team? Basically skirmish-sized 40k.
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