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Kings of War

I mean, I just mentioned that 2022 is around the corner. Mantic's prepped for it as well. They've started taking pre-orders for Clash of Kings 2022 Edition, the update supplement for Kings of War.
Want to get out there and play some games of Kings of War that might actually change the path of the game's narrative, itself? You'll have a chance during the Kings of War Global Campaign that's comin
Mantic likes to make sure you know what you're getting when you get it and that you have the resources to check out all the armies in their range. To that end, they've updated their free Vanguard pdf
The Halflings pack a big punch in a tiny package. They're headed to the battlefields in Kings of War. You can start marshaling your forces by putting your name down on the list to get this new army as
Though their legs are short, the Halflings have almost made it to the battlefields in Kings of War. In this article, Mantic talks with the army's designer to look into what went into making sure these
It's hot here in the northern hemisphere. Especially for my friends (and others) out on the West Coast right now, particularly up into Oregon and Washington. I won't say that it's because the new Sala
As part of their Get Back Gaming campaign, Mantic is going to be running a worldwide Kings of War event. The event was originally supposed to happen last year, but then last year happened. As such, it
Mantic Games has started taking pre-orders for several new Kings of War kits over in their webshop. Want to ride a dragon into battle? Harness the power of air? Or recruit some hulking Ogres to your a
Things are trending in a positive direction, but we're not ready to just go out and be with all our gaming friends just yet. As such, solo rules for games can be the one chance players have to get som
Mantic recently released an updated rulebook for Vanguard. But what were some of the thoughts behind the changes? Well, they've posted up an interview getting behind the curtain and seeing what was ch
With games as big and complex as miniatures games, there's always bound to be revisions. No matter how much playtesting a company does, once a game gets out in the wild, thousands of more gamers get a
"Aww, Rats!" The Mantic warehouse is getting infested by fuzzy, blad-tailed rodents. And they're looking to spread that infestation to your house as well. But don't worry, this time, it's a good thing
A new faction is soon to be hitting tabletops for Vanguard. They're the Ratkin and you can head over to the Mantic webshop and go and get your name put down on the list to get these figures as soon as
What's up with Vanguard? What plans does Mantic have in store? Will there be new factions? New minis? Other surprises? In this post, you get a look inside the calendar for what the company has in the
I mean, Armada is a combat game. I suppose you could just ram into one-another, but these ships all have powerful armaments on board. And when it's time to open up a cannonade, you'll want to know how
The whole reason to have sailing vessels is so you can travel all across the waves. Movement is their entire purpose. So, of course, they're going to be cruising all over in Armada, Mantic's upcoming
You might usually expect to find dwarves deep in their mines underneath the great mountain ranges of the world. But while that's a fairly natural habitat for them, they're also capable of heading out
You might not think that you'd have to deal with a lot of dust while out on the high seas. But if you come across an Empire of Dust fleet, that might not be the case. They're the next faction for Arma
Just-announced, Halpi's Rift is the next supplement coming out for Kings of War. What all will it have inside? Well, that's exactly what you get a preview of here. That way, when it drops in October,
October is only a week and change away. So, there's not a better time to be showing off what will be coming out that month. If you're a Kings of War player, you should be exicted, as Halpi's Rift, a n
Yarr arr yarr! I loddie the hotpants! Mantic Games is hitting the high seas with their new game, Kings of War: Armada where their fantasy world hits the waves. Vie for dominance on the open ocean. Thi
The new Ogre faction is coming soon to tabletops in Vanguard. They're able to be hired by anyone, so they could be on your side of the table or your opponent's. Either way, it's good to know what you'
Later this month, the hulking Ogres are making their way to Vanguard tabletops. This new faction will really shake things up, if nothing else because they'll work for anyone. Want to see what you can
Do you want to get Mantic Game's September releases the moment they're available? Then, you should head over to their webshop and put your name down on the list to get exactly that. The new Kings of W
The summer blahs got you down? Too hot outside? Well, Mantic is saying the heck with summer and heading straight on into fall and winter with the new pre-orders for Kings of War that they have on thei